Amazfit Verge smartwatch with a 50% discount

We refer to Amazfit Verge, a complete smartwatch with a modern design and that also has interesting functions. At first glance, its large 1.3-inch AMOLED screen stands out in full color and with very good clarity, which allows you to see the information displayed in any environment. And it is that it has the ability to adapt to different light conditions to offer the best possible visibility, even in bright sunlight.

Very complete smartwatch

A watch with a very sporty style that we can also wear comfortably even when we are dressed in a much more formal way, such as to go to work. It also has an IP68 certificate that makes it dust and water resistant, making it one of the ideal smartwatches to do sports without fear of being damaged by sweat or rain.

As a good smartwatch, this Amazift Verge has Integrated GPS, which allows us to keep a record in real time of the speed, time, distance traveled or route taken without having to carry our mobile phone with us. A model that includes an intelligent sports tracking technology that allows you to record the activity of up to 11 different sports, such as running, indoor activity, trail run, walking, elliptical, tennis, skiing, football, cycling, indoor cycling or climbing.

smartwatch amazfit verge frontal

It also incorporates a heart rate sensor to be able to track our effort or heart rate, very useful to achieve maximum performance in our workouts or even simply to consult this aspect of our health, although we should never take it as a diagnosis of any disease .

It has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, WiFi, is compatible with iOS and Android and has a capacity for internal storage of up to 4 GB. This allows us save our favorite music so we can listen to it while we go for a run or go to the gym along with wireless headphones.

The dimensions of this Amazfit Verge are 24 x 4.3 x 1.26 cm and it has a weight of about 46 grams. It includes a 390 mAh capacity battery that gives it a range of several days on a single charge.

Incredible discount for the Amazfit Verge

The official price for this Amazfit Verge smartwatch is 129.38 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment in Gearbest, it is possible to buy it for only 61.79 euros. This is thanks to discount of more than 50% which has applied the famous platform in this model.

amazfit verge side smartwatch

The shipping costs for it to be sent to our house are only 3.12 euros and it offers a delivery time of between 15 and 22 days from its shipment. Either way, the wait is worth it, as this is a great deal. The discounted model is gray.

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