Amazfit smartwatch on sale on Amazon now with free shipping

The model we are talking about is the Amazfit Bip U, a model that has all the necessary hardware so that all the usual functions run perfectly. An example is that the 1.43 inch color that is tactile and that allows to visualize the information with a high quality. Besides, it has 4 GB of storage, so you can save many music tracks to play it independently and using connection for them. Bluetooth (allowing this to be an iOS and Android compatible device).

Amazfit Bip Lite side button

One of the things that this Amazfit smartwatch includes on offer is that it includes protection against water, of five atmospheres, so you can use this equipment in all kinds of situations, for example when going to swim in the pool or when doing sports. Continuing with this last type of use, it should be noted that because it includes a good number of sensors (such as accelerometer and heart rate) and even GPS. And, because of this, it is capable of recognizing more than sixty different types of physical activity, including running, cycling and even playing soccer.

Good discount for this Amazfit Bip U

Right now you can get this wearable with a 22% discount, an amount of the most interesting and that allows you to only have to pay 52.90 euros to have it at home (and without adding anything for shipping in the chaos that you have a Prime account). With an attractive design in black and the possibility of changing the strap if necessary, we leave the link that you have to use to make the purchase from homes with excellent reliability, since the store is Amazon:

Important things of the Amazfit smartwatch on offer

One in which this smartwatch stands out is in autonomy, since by including a battery with a fairly respectable charge and as its operating system is simple (but complete), it is exceed the week of use without the slightest problem and having active heart rate monitoring constantly. Therefore, it is one of the options that are not at all out of place in the current market and therefore we are talking about a very clear purchase reason, since you will not have to be looking for a plug every day.

Using the Amazfit Bip U smartwatch

With interesting functions, such as knowing the amount of oxygen that it has in the blood or controlling the quality of sleep, the truth is that this Amazfit smartwatch on sale is highly recommended, since we are talking about an accessory that only weighs 31 grams. Finally, we must comment that they exist more than 50 spheres to change the one that is included, and gradually add more.

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