Amazfit smartwatch on sale for only 55 euros and with free shipping

The specific model that is being promoted is the Amazfit Bip S, a model that has an operating system that does not allow the installation of applications, but includes everything that may be needed so that the usual functions are present and fully functional. Regarding the design, it should be noted that this is an accessory that is finished in high-quality polycarbonate and has a silicone strap with a buckle closure. Important here is that the weight of 31 grams that the wearable has is low enough to never be a hassle.

Amazfit Bip S smartwatch screen

Something that is very important in this model is that it has one of the best autonomies that exist among smart watches. The combination of hardware and software allows reaching the 40 days from usor … with just one charge. Therefore, it is one of the few models that you can take it on vacation without having to carry the charger in your backpack. Without a doubt, this is an excellent option for a device that does not lack color display which looks pretty good outdoors.

A wearable with many possibilities

This is because this complete smartwatch includes everything that is needed to, for example, recognize physical activity quite accurately. Thus, for example, it includes sensors such as accelerometer and own heart rate so that the information is broad and specific. But there is something that stands out especially in a model that has a fairly adjusted price: it integrates Gps, so it is possible to use it as an independent pedometer. This is something that not many of its rivals in the market have, and it can be essential for sports lovers who want to have a lot of information about everything they do.

Appearance of the Amazfit Bip S smartwatch

Get this Amazfit smartwatch on sale

If you have been convinced by what we have said so far about the Amazfit Bip S, surely when you read that right now on Amazon you can get them with a 21% discount you seriously consider buying it. You only have to pay 55 euros to have it at home, since you do not have to add anything for the shipment if you have a Prime account. We leave the link for you to get this model that has protection against water of five atmospheres and that, therefore, you can wear in the gym and also when swimming in the pool.

One final detail: synchronization with phones is done by using Bluetooth, so its compatibility is excellent both with iOS as with Android (the management application is downloaded for free in the official stores). The fact is that with all that said, this Amazfit smartwatch on offer is a possibility that you should not miss, since it has an incredible price.

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