Amazfit Nexo smartwatch lowered to less than half its price

Without a doubt, this is one of the most attractive wearable accessories that this manufacturer has put on the market in recent times. This is because it has a completely circular sphere and is finished in zirconium ceramic which has a very striking appearance. This, in addition, is very well combined with a silicone strap that also ensures good resistance. It should be noted in this section that the weight of the smart watch is only 49 grams, something that ensures that you will not notice that you are wearing it, and this is positive, since its waterproof makes you a good partner when doing sports.

Amazfit Nexo watch in black color

One of the things that stand out in this Amazfit Nexo is that it has a screen AMOLED which has dimensions of 1.39 inch and a very high resolution that allows it to offer a density of 326 dpi. This ensures that everything it shows is perfectly defined and therefore you will see it without problems. It should be noted that this component includes anti-fingerprint coating and protection Gorilla Glass 3 to prevent possible breakage.

Advanced features of this smartwatch

Thanks to the high number of elements that have been integrated into the interior of the dial of the smart watch we are talking about, this is a model that has a large number of additional options that do not exist in many of its rivals on the market. A good example of what we say is that it does not lack both a speaker and a microphone, which allows without any problem to be able to answer calls that arrive at the phone with which it is synchronized (something that is done through the use of technology Bluetooth and that allows its compatibility to be very high, since it includes models with iOS and Android).

Answer a call with the Amazfit Nexo

Apart from being able to have access to 4G networks as we have mentioned before, it is also important to note that the Amazfit Nexo has access to WiFi, something that allows its use individually without any type of restriction, and there is also GPS. Thus, you can use this accessory as a pedometer without having to carry your smartphone with you. This makes it clear that this is a model that fits perfectly when doing sports, since it recognizes many automatically.

The offer that exists for this Amazfit Nexo

As you have been able to see, there are many virtues that you will find in this smart watch, and among them there is also a discount which stands at nothing more and nothing less than the 68%. In this way, you save no less than 116.33 euros, an excellent amount for an accessory that is very complete. We leave the link that you must use so as not to miss this opportunity and in which also you will not have to pay anything for shipping costs if you are in a hurry to make the purchase.

We believe that it is important to comment on a couple of details about this complete smartwatch. One of them is that thanks to a battery of 420 mAh you can get more than one day of use without the slightest problem. And this is a good detail inside this wearable you will find very powerful hardware such as a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 and 4 GB of internal storage (where it is possible to save up to music).

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