Amazfit Neo smartwatch with a great discount and no shipping costs

Aesthetically, this is an accessory that is very reminiscent of the digital watches that the Casio company launched on the market in the 80s and 90s … which were among the best sellers in Spain for young people at that time. The fact is that they offer a quite striking appearance and due to their high-quality plastic manufacture, the resistance offered by the product we are talking about is excellent (without missing side buttons to navigate between the options offered by the wearable we are talking about). By the way, the model in question is the one with a red finish.

Amazfit Neo smartwatch screen

The Amazfit smartwatch we are talking about offers many virtues that make it more than enough for the functions that the vast majority of users seek. An example of what we say is that this is a model that is among the best on the market in what has to do with autonomy, since with only one charge you can get up to 28 days of use without any limitation. This is due, among other things, to the fact that screen is monochrome and therefore no great bragging is made of what has to do with the dimensions -it is 1.2 inches- or with what is shown in it (without having problems when reviewing the information even in Exteriors ).

Great discount for the Amazfit Neo

The truth is that you can take advantage of a discount that exceeds 50% with respect to the price that you would normally have to pay in the Gearbest store. In addition, it is important to comment that this is one of those options that have something that makes the possible purchase more attractive: you do not have to pay absolutely nothing for shipping, so we recommend that you do not spend a lot of time deciding on the purchase. We leave behind this paragraph the link that you must use to get this smartwatch that weighs less than 30 grams, so it is practically invaluable to wear it.

Good functions in this Amazfit smartwatch

Despite its retro appearance, this product does not lack the ability to perform many functions on a day-to-day basis. Apart from being able to check the calendar you have on your phone, set daily alarms, you can also check the notifications that come to you when you finish synchronized by using bluetooth technology to review all the sports activity that you do on a day-to-day basis, since it includes a large number of sensors. Thus, for example, you will be able to know the Steps that you have given; the how much oxygen you have in your blood; check the quality of daily sleep; and even use the smartwatch as pedometer.

Amazfit Neo splashed by water

There are a couple of details that we do not want to stop indicating about this Amazfit smartwatch. The first is that it offers 5 atmospheres water resistance, so you will not have any problem with sweat when you go out to do sports. In addition, it is possible to change the strap that is included by default, which will allow you to give the device a new look, something that is often necessary when time passes.

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