Amazfit Bip smartwatch with an excellent offer and free shipping

Among all the virtues that this has, there are some that stand out in an obvious way and that are a reason to buy. An example is everything that has to do with autonomy, since as a load this product is able to withstand up to 45 days with regular use and, in the case of using the GPS that it integrates continuously, it can be reached at 22 hours. One of the best figures that you can find in the current market, and that assure you that you will not have to constantly search for an outlet even when you go on vacation.

Black Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

This that we have mentioned does not make the weight of the Amazfit Bip excessive, since we are talking about a device that stays in only 32 grams which is really little and allows that you will hardly notice that you are wearing it even when you do sports. And since we are talking about what is the recognition of physical activity, it is important to comment that a large number of sensors so that this is achieved with great effectiveness (an example is the heart rate itself, an accelerometer and also a compass). By the way, it does not lack protection against water IP68.

Take advantage of the bargain for the Amazfit Bip

If everything we have discussed so far fits you and you want to take advantage of an opportunity that allows you to get this smart watch that is complete with a great discount, nothing less than 30%, we leave behind this paragraph the link that you have to use for it and where you will only have to pay 48.40 euros. Anything else in the promotion? Well yes, since at this time and for a limited time you do not have to add nothing for shipping costs. An excellent opportunity to get this product that is black in color and has excellent resistance, both in the dial and in the strap.

Some more nice details about this smartwatch

One of them is that despite having a very low price, the screen that you will find in this device is in color, and has dimensions of 1.28 inch. This makes it more than enough to be able to visualize all the actions that you carry out with the Amazfit Bip with a good definition, since the resolution of the panel is of 176 x 176 pixels. By the way, this component has additional options that are striking, such as the 2.5D finish that allows the edges to be rounded and protection Gorilla Glass 3 that prevents the usual bumps and falls from causing breakage.

Amazfit Bip screen

It is also important to comment that this is a model that has additional functions that will make it much more useful than you might think at first. An example is that it is possible control media playback in the terminal and also check the quality of sleep you have in your day to day. Apart from what is indicated, it is also possible to use it as a pedometer due to the inclusion of GPS or to check the notifications that come to the phone.

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