All the features and price of the Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.50

The X-Force Flex cordless broom vacuum reinvents the way to clean combining powerful performance with the latest cleaning technology. Much of its efficiency is thanks to a great suction power thanks to its powerful motor that offers efficient and fast cleaning on all types of floors.

Good performance and seamless cleaning

The first thing that catches the attention of the Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.50 is its design, with a striking color combination where red and gray are mixed, with chrome finishes that give it great elegance and a certain futuristic touch. At the bottom you can see the battery that is completely removable and that allows charging by cable directly on its base. As is usual in this type of products, the battery is easily removable. Within its structure we also find a trigger that serves to provide extra suction power at certain times.

rowenta xforce flex 03

Another aspect that does not go unnoticed is its control screen, from which we can view aspects such as power, which reaches nothing less than 130 AW, represented in different colors or the remaining autonomy time. We also see two air vents that serve to expel the air while we suck the dust, but they have a particle filtration system, capable of stopping 99% of them. This is ideal for people with allergies as clean air will always be maintained after each cleaning. This filter can also be removed as part of the easy disassembly offered by the Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.50

Large number of add-ons

How could it be otherwise, this vacuum cleaner has various accessories that are easily attached. We can attach one especially thinking for the sofas that removes pet hair well or another perfect one to reach more complicated corners. We also have a mini electric brush that collects dirt from more delicate places and is always supported by an LED that helps us see the area to be cleaned better.

Rowenta Xforce flex 02

Of course we also have the longest tube and that gives the product the nickname “Flex”. Thanks to its flexibility, we can suck up dirt from anywhere such as furniture without the need to bend down. It also has the so-called “Stop & Go” mode, which makes it stand upright without the need to lean against the wall or leave it lying on the floor. This is perfect when they ring the bell or receive a call, since we will avoid that by leaving it badly perched somewhere, it can fall and be damaged, as it happens with other products that do not have this option.

Not afraid of drums

Another advantage of Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.50 it is their autonomy. With a single charge, we can spend up to 45 minutes doing a thorough cleaning. However, this model allows us to buy an additional battery and make a quick change to double this time. Also I know 100% charge in just 3 hours.

As we say, charging can be done very easily from its charging base or with the cable, depending on the option that is most comfortable in each situation. Keep in mind that the Boost mode housed in the trigger, will allow us to perform a cleaning at maximum power This mode is perfect for specific moments when we need to pick up something that has been dropped. However, daily cleaning can be done perfectly with the Eco Mode, which is the one that achieves the best autonomy.

rowenta xforce flex

A breakthrough price

Given the above, it may seem that we are facing a product with an unaffordable price for most. Nothing is further from the truth, since the Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.50 can be ours on Amazon for only 299 But that’s not all, since until next June 20, we can take advantage of an additional coupon with another 50 euros off, which leaves the product at 246.68 euros. It is a direct discount that is applied by clicking on the option marked in yellow, seeing the final discounted price before paying.

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