Alexa will respond to visitors when they ring the Ring smart doorbell


On the Ring smart doorbell, Alexa can greet people with messages where you can give them directions and welcome them

In recent years the use of personal assistants In the home. Now it will be possible to receive guests with Alexa, thanks to ring smart doorbell.

One of the three new features the company added to its Ring Video Doorbell Pro device is the smart answer that you will be able to give directions to people.

New Smart Responses are targeting camera doorbell, security camera and subscription subscription users. Ring.

Ring doorbell and Alexa

“If you want Alexa to play a bell notification and announce that there is someone in your house or that a movement or a person has been detected, you can do it now!”, They highlight on their official blog.

To give a timely response the ring smart doorbell uses your camera to be able to select prerecorded audio and set the type of response that will be given with Alexa.

In this way the assistant will be able to react according to the response received to provide indications. For example, if it is a package delivery or a family visit.

At ring smart doorbell It has also incorporated six preset quick responses for certain situations. Ideal when the user cannot answer the door or is not available at that time.

According to a statement offered by the company, the movement warnings will warn visitors that they are being recorded by the camera. Ring. According to the company, it is a new feature that was designed to deter unwanted visitors and have an extra layer of security.

Through Twitter, Ring reported that their responses through Alexa are now available in the United States and Canada.

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