AirPods Max | Apple introduces its new headband headphones

The company surprised by launching its high-fidelity audio and noise-canceling headphones

In recent months there has been talk about some headband headphones from Manzana. Various rumors indicated that the company would present new premuim hearing aids.

The Cupertino company surprised its followers and presented its AirPods Max. These are headphones with the same quality as their AirPods, but with a headband design.

The report indicates that this device has Noise Cancellation, high fidelity audio, adaptive EQ, spatial audio to enhance the user experience when watching videos or movies and ambient mode so that you can hear what is happening in the environment.

“You’ll enjoy deep, rich bass, precise mids, and crystal-clear highs in everything you listen to”


Manzana noted that each earphone of his AirPods Max It has a position sensor, optical and accelerometer that allows to detect the movements of the person and in this way to be able to pause or play the music.

One of its great features of the headphones is that it has 8 microphones for active noise cancellation. Each earphone also possesses the H1 chip that promises outstanding acoustic quality.

The new headband headphones from Manzana they promise an autonomy of 20 hours. The company detailed that its headphones are compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Design of the new Apple headphones

Manzana described his headphones as a device that combines comfort with great technology to deliver a great listening experience.

“We wanted to reinvent over-ear headphones to take them one step further. From the ear cushions to the headband itself, AirPods Max are designed to achieve an exceptional fit and create optimal sound insulation that conforms to the shape of your head. The result is a truly immersive audio experience “

AirPods Max

The headphones They have a mesh that distributes the weight and prevents pressure on the head. Its structure is made of stainless steel, which is covered with a soft-touch material to provide resistance, flexibility and comfort.

At the top is the classic “Digital Crown”, which allows you to control the volume, you can also press to answer a call, control multimedia playback or activate Siri.

It is still unknown if they will have a cable, but they will not have a 3.5mm Jack port, but can only be connected through the lightning port to USB-C.

Price of AirPods Max in Mexico


The AirPods Max They will be available from December 15th. In some countries the pre-sale has already started. They are available in five different colors: space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink.

When purchased, the hearing aids come with a second call Smart Case that cause the device to enter an ultra-low power consumption state that conserves energy.

In Mexico the AirPods Max They can be obtained at a price of 13,699 MXN. At the moment they are not in presale.

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