AI system that detects Covid-19 by WhatsApp audio

detention covid-19

In Argentina, the IATos system has begun to be used with which Covid-19 can be detected by WhatsApp audio

More and more companies are focusing on developing different systems that allow detect covid-19 faster and more effectively.

In the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a new artificial intelligence technology that would allow the coronavirus to be detected through whatsapp audio.


Is about IAToswhich has begun to be used in the city and which would help improve the government’s strategy.

This system will be incorporated into the Boti, the WhatsApp of the City of Buenos Aires where citizens can carry out some procedures related to Covid-19.

How does the AI ​​system work?

For the detention The user must record and send an audio with his cough and in this way he will be able to know if he may be infected.

Once he IAT system receives the audio analyzes it and with the artificial intelligence reveals if it matches the patterns of positive cases. In case of finding matches, the person will be recommended to take a test to confirm the contagion.

“IATos was developed by the Secretariat of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the city of Buenos Aires and works from an artificial intelligence neural network that is capable of classifying voice, breathing and cough sounds and is based on machine learning algorithms”


In this way, people will be able to take a test that they would not otherwise be able to do. This would have greater control over possible infections.

In order to carry out an effective analysis, 140,000 audios of people with positive or negative diagnoses were collected Covid-19. In this way a basis for the artificial intelligence system was created.

Data reveals that the IAT system It has an effectiveness of around 86% prediction effectiveness.

in a test IATos recommended testing 554 people. Of which 436 were positive in their swab and 118 were negative.

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