Accessories to save on water, electricity and gas bills

For this, we have prepared a complete compilation where you will find the best accessories to save on the bill, be it gas, water or electricity. Models of all kinds that will satisfy your needs. In addition, the price of these products is really varied, so you are sure to find one that fits your budget.


Advantages of using gadgets to save water, electricity or gas

The truth is that, with a small investment, you will be able to enjoy notable savings on your water, electricity or gas bill. All thanks to different mechanisms that use these small accessories and gadgets. Some are more complex, and their price is higher, but we can guarantee that in less than what you think you will have fully amortized the investment.

In addition, most of the models that you will find in this compilation do not require a complicated installation, so you will be able to do it at home quietly and without the help of anyone. Let’s see the different options to consider.

Tap Clever 98760

Using the Clever tap 98760

The first model that we want to recommend you is this Clever tap 98760. This manufacturer is one of the great references when it comes to buying accessories and gadgets with which to save on the water bill. And its mechanism couldn’t be simpler. More than anything, because the cartridge has a double opening system.

Through a system of «clicks», when lifting the head so that the water comes out, you will notice that it stays fixed half way. With this, only 50 percent of the flow will come out. You do not have enough? Make a second “click” raising the cartridge completely so that the flow comes out completely. A great way to save water since it really doesn’t always need to come out in large quantities. And its installation is very simple!

Flow-reducing limiter for shower

flow-reducing mimic for shower

This small accessory has a price that does not exceed 10 euros, and its functionality is more than guaranteed. We are talking about a flow-reducing limiter for the shower whose installation is really simple, and that will allow you to save up to 70 percent of the water while you’re showering. A reducing filter compatible with any standard tap, so you will not have any problem when installing it.

Viesap shower head

Woman Using a Viesap Shower Head

Another of the best accessories with which to save on the water bill, is this Viesap shower head. A product made of high quality ABS plastic material to guarantee shock resistance and great durability, as well as great efficiency to save water. It has three different modes.

AquaReturn N-8

AquaReturn N-8

You may not know it, but one of the moments in which more water is wasted is the time that passes between when we open the hot water tap until water starts to come out at the ideal temperature. More than anything because all that flow is not used, since that cold water will not serve us at all.

This is where it comes in AquaReturn N-8, a powerful recirculation pump that is installed in the heater and is responsible for redirecting the flow of cold water to the cold water pipe until the water has been heated to the appropriate temperature. With this, we do not waste a drop, achieving massive savings.

The truth is that this product is not exactly cheap, but it is worth every euro of the investment, since in just over a year you will have completely amortized the initial investment. In addition, the installation is really simple, so you should not worry about this aspect.

Netatmo NTH01

Netatmo NTH01

If you have a boiler, either gas or electric, you can’t miss this thermostat from Netatmo. The French manufacturer is one of the great references when it comes to buying a product of this type, and this smart model will more than meet your expectations. You can regulate the temperature to your liking using your mobile phone, achieving savings on the bill that will not leave you indifferent.

PowerLocus solar charger

PowerLocus solar charger

How many times a day do you have to charge a gadget? Surely many. For this reason, it is not a bad idea to bet on a Solar charger that allows you to charge any of your devices without affecting the electricity bill. It is true that it may take a little longer than usual, but the savings made make it worth it.

TECKIN WiFi Smart Plug

TECKIN WiFi Smart Plug

Continuing with this compilation of the best gadgets and accessories with which to save on the bill, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to recommend this smart plug to you. A model that you can control with your mobile to turn it on or off depending on your needs, with the consequent savings that this entails.

Xiaomi smart bulb

Xiaomi LED RGB smart bulbs

Without a doubt, another of those elements that should not be missing if you want to save on the electricity bill is a smart bulb. This Xiaomi model stands out because it allows you to control the intensity and temperature, so that with the phone you can create different environments depending on your needs. And considering that this model promises a useful life of up to 20,000 hours, it is clear that it is a product that you should not miss.

ZEEFO motion sensor lights

ZEEFO motion sensor lights

And what about this set of ZEEFO motion sensor lights. A product that works with AAA batteries and that only activates when we pass by. Ideal if there are children at home, since you will be able to avoid that they are constantly turning on the light, together with the assurance that good lighting will avoid an unnecessary scare.

Trust strip 21056

Trust 21056

We close this compilation with the best options to consider if you want to save on your electricity bill, with this strip from the Trust firm. A model that boasts a switch that will allow you to deactivate it when you don’t need it, achieving a more notable saving in the electricity bill than you can imagine.

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