A package of official WhatsApp updates for iPhone arrives

Goal has made numerous updates to its messaging platform WhatsApp in recent months. However, these were mainly focused on correcting small errors that the app could have presented. But this time the app just released a new update for iOS which includes features that have been requested by users for a long time.

In this way, in this version 22.2.75 They have added new features that were previously only available in the beta version of the popular messaging platform. If you have a iPhone with the version of iOS 15, you can update the application WhatsApp to enjoy these new features within the app.

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Pause and resume audio on WhatsApp

Imagine this: you are recording important audio on WhatsApp and suddenly you lose the general idea of ​​what you were saying. Has it happened to you? Well, now the application has a solution for this, because in this version there is the possibility of stopping the recording to resume it when you remember those important points to highlight in your voice memo. Without a doubt, this is a feature that we have asked for a long time.

Step by step to use this function

  • Open the application of WhatsApp.
  • Enter the chat to which you want to send the audio in question.
  • Select the microphone icon located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Swipe up to activate the ‘Lock’ option and a padlock icon will appear indicating that you can continue recording without needing to hold down the microphone.
  • At this point the menu will be displayed with a red button in the middle with which you can pause your recording as many times as you need.

You can also delete the recording with the trash can icon located at the bottom left of that menu.

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Support for ‘focus mode’

New features have also been updated in the notification bar of WhatsApp. Due to the new update of iOS 15, we will be able to enjoy the compatibility with the new function ‘concentration mode‘ premiered last year in iPhone.

This function allows us to select specific contacts in WhatsApp to be able to continue receiving your messages without being disturbed by other notifications from social networks on our devices.

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Notifications with photos on WhatsApp

We have previously talked about This function. Messaging platforms like Telegram or iMessage They had already been using it for a while, but it is only now that WhatsApp has set its sights on it.

With this new update, the notifications will be accompanied by the profile or group photo of the sender of the message in WhatsApp, so you won’t have to open the message to find out who sent it to you. In addition, with the update’s compatibility with iOS 15, you can also make Siri read you notifications using your AirPods in ‘summary mode‘.

The new version of WhatsApp allows you to receive notifications with the photo of the sender on iOS- Blog Hola Telcel

There is no doubt that with these new functions of WhatsApp we are going to experience more options to send messages and audios on the platform. You must bear in mind that the insertion of these functions will take place in the coming weeks and will be available for all devices that have the version iOS 15, so it only remains for us to be patient so that they activate in ours.

What new features would you like to see Goal included in future versions of WhatsApp?

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