A modular, customizable mask that covers your entire face


They develop the Blanc helmet against Covid-19 that has air filters and you can add a Bluetooth connection and even a modulator to change your voice

One of the most recommended elements to combat Covid-19, is the use of mask. That is why various companies have designed different models that provide different characteristics.

In recent weeks, different elements have been presented that in addition to offering protection, also have some advantages technological. Such is the case of Blanc, a modular, customizable mask that covers the entire face.

“The creators noted that the device is a more effective shield than disposable surgical masks, N95 masks and reusable respirators”


The element developed by a team of designers and engineers based in Wilmington, USA, promises to protect people from software from facial recognition.

“It is the world’s first full-face mask that creates a unique environment for your self-expression and creative personality, as well as ensuring supreme protection against bacteria, pathogens and viruses. The mask is more than personal protective equipment. And definitely more than just a fashion design mask. It’s a statement, it’s a privacy and it’s basically you, ”said Phillip Egorov, creator of Blanc.

Inside it has an air purifier that prevents the spread of Covid-19. Blanc It has two HEPA filters, which last approximately two weeks. Users will know when to change them thanks to lights inside the device.

The developers noted that the helmet can purify 99.7% of the particles in the air. But in addition to protection, it offers other features such as a voice modulation system, one for climate control, another to add Bluetooth connectivity and even to provide augmented reality experiences.

modular mask

Blanc It is not yet for sale since its creators are looking for financing on the Kickstarter page in which more than 4 million 345 thousand pesos have already been raised.

They accept donations of 1,500 pesos plus shipping costs. The device is expected to ship in March with a customization option and two filters. You can also have more filters for more money.

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