A gigantic QR code lights up the sky: it is the download link to a video game

We are still getting used to accessing restaurant menus using the QR code, in Shanghai the monumental ones are drawn in the sky thanks to the drones. The thousand and one applications of this remote flight technology seem determined to remind us that the future is already here with China at the forefront of the development and implementation of these UAVs.

If a few days ago the Genesis company, Hyundai’s luxury car brand, surprised the world by turning the sky of the Asian city into a dance stage for 3,200 drones, now it is the turn of the video game industry. Above the heads of the city dwellers, a glowing QR code emerged.

It was actually a link to a game in a promotional strategy to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the mobile video game Princess Connect! Re: diving. In addition to the link, the drones drew different characters from the leisure application.

The closeness between both milestones, the announcement of the genesis and the most recent, leads advertisers to ask a question:Has heaven become the promotional medium of the future? Will drone ads become a trend?

At present, all It seems even more Blade Runner than today, as recognized by users on Twitter. It took more than 1,500 drones to form the geometric figure full of lines and details.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a RPG-style game starring heroines with anime aesthetics. The title was developed by the Japanese company Cygames and initially released for mobile phones in early 2018. Two years later it was also released on the Chinese market.

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