A bargain! Xiaomi smart plug in El Corte Inglés for… 9.90 euros!

More and more people intend to make their home smart and, for this, they need accessories that allow them to take that step. One of the most interesting options that you can find on the market today are the plugs that you can control with your mobile phone. And now the Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug you can get it with a very attractive offer.

This is an accessory that aims to be able to control and automate everything you have plugged in, something that can be very useful when establishing hours in which different devices can be used (such as those that are connected to a power strip). This also has the positive detail of not needing a hub to be to do this or access a cloud system that is generally paid. It is also important to note that the appearance of the smart plug we are talking about is quite striking, since its white finish makes it go unnoticed and it has quite small dimensions: 90 x 50 x 73 mm.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug white color

As it cannot be otherwise to achieve the greatest possible utility, this is an accessory that offers compatibility with voice control and, specifically, includes direct compatibility with the Google assistant and also Alexa which are among the most used today. In this way, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug in a quite simple You can configure and set indications that make it work exactly as you need depending on where you have it plugged in (which can be perfectly a room or the living room of the house).

Offer to buy this smart plug

The truth is that at the moment there is a promotion in El Corte Inglés that is one of the most important that we have seen to date for this product, since it has a 34% off which allows you to only have to pay 9.90 euros to have it at home. A real bargain for a smart plug that is one of the best you can find on the market today, as it offers a quality / price ratio that is unbeatable. We leave you the link that you should use so as not to lose the chance to buy this good accessory:

Possibilities of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug

Thanks to it includes connectivity Wifi (compatible with 2.4 GHz), managing all the operating parameters that the product we are talking about is extremely simple, since you can do it using an application that is installed on mobile phones, whether they are those that use the operating system Android or do the same with ios from Apple. In this way, you will be able to access its management from anywhere as long as you have Internet access, and in this way to be able to activate or deactivate whether you are at home or having dinner with friends.

Rear of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug

With all that we have said, it is clear that this is a very interesting team when it comes to taking the step of making your home smart. In addition, it includes Connection physics that is compatible with that used in Spain, so you will not have any problem when using it with any device you have at home.

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