9 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook is a significant marketing channel, to the point where 72% of small businesses use Facebook as their main way to do their marketing and reach their goals. It makes sense, considering the wide user base on Facebook. No matter if you need to connect to your audience or partner businesses, Facebook has become the way to go.

With that in mind, Facebook is a simple place that can be very complex as well – so, if you wish to reap all of the benefits that it has to offer, you need to find some way to increase your organic reach. Facebook marketing is very often a puzzle, so we are here to help you decipher it.

What Is Organic Reach on Facebook?

Your Facebook organic reach is the number of people who can see your content, without you having to pay for sponsored content, ads, and so on. Your content is delivered in a manner as classical as possible: through interaction and shares.

Unlike paid reach (promotional posts and sponsored stories), users see the type of content that they are subscribed to or might actually like. With that in mind, organic reach is rather difficult to maintain, which is why many marketers often change their strategies.

That is not always necessary, though. It does take some effort, such as choosing the right timing to post or delivering the right content to your target audience. However, once that is done with, you will know your content reaches your audience through pure interest – and not just as a result of sponsored ads.

With that in mind, Facebook does not throw your content at random. In fact, Facebook organic search works similarly to search engine rankings. Facebook takes one user and chooses what they see based on popularity, likelihood that they’ll like it, post frequency, and so on.

Why Is Facebook Organic Reach Important?

Not everyone has the cash necessary for sponsored content. Paid advertising on Facebook can be very costly, and the prices very often vary a lot. Organic reach, on the other hand, is a cost-effective way of reaching your audience, as you don’t need a large budget, to begin with.

At the same, it also helps you connect with your audience. We all know how important engagement is. It connects the business with the audience, generating leads based on interest. It builds relationships, the kind that will make the prospective customers come back for more.

Paid advertising can help you in the short term. However, organic reach will help you engage in the long term. Done right, the connection with your audience will remain.

Even if you do use paid advertising in your marketing strategy, you need to make sure you pay decent focus to your organic reach as well.

How to Measure and Analyze Your Organic Reach

The easiest way to measure your organic reach is to look underneath the post on your Facebook page and see how many people saw it. The more who did, the better. The “organic” reach can involve non-fans and fans alike – and that number of Facebook views will include the exact number of people who saw it.

For example, a non-fan may be able to see your post when one of their friends hits like, comments on it, or shares your post. If you see that number increasing, then you are very likely doing a good job; if not, a change in strategy might be due. You might want to use Facebook Insights as well to assess your organic reach.

Hootsuite is also an efficient option to help you analyze your stats and reach out to more clients. Creator Studio is a good follow-up for accessing insights and metrics, giving you a clear breakdown of your performance across the social media platform.

How Do You Boost Your Reach?

Facebook reach will require a bit of work from your side if you wish to reach your audience organically. Here are some tips for you to get more likes without necessarily paying for sponsored content.

1.      Make More Video Content

People love video content. In fact, in 2020, 92% of the marketers said that video content was the staple of their marketing strategy. Considering that this has grown from 78% in 2016, this is actually quite impressive.

There are various ways for you to create engaging content nowadays – and a lot of them don’t even involve you paying lots of money. All you need is a video merger with a few effects and a good idea, and you can easily give your Facebook reach a boost.

Just look at the Facebook videos that very often go viral. No one bothers with fancy video makers and effects as long as the message is clear and catchy. Most uploaders just use a phone to record, and then maybe cut, crop, and put together using a video maker.

2.     Mix Up Different Content Types

One of the most efficient ways to give your organic reach a boost is to put several post types to the text. For example, let’s say that as a marketer, you mostly used images to promote your brand. Still, you might want to change your tactic a bit and give your viewers some variety. Throw in a video, or link some posts they might like. Don’t let your audience get bored.

3.     Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Channels

While your purpose here is to increase your organic Facebook reach, you should not focus only on that. Try cross-promoting instead. For example, let’s say that you also have an Instagram account and people are following your brand there. They may have a Facebook, but they may not know that you have a page there as well. Cross-promoting can help you increase your Facebook reach.

4.    Avoid Clickbait

Everyone hates clickbait. Sure, it might be tempting to create engagement bait as a means to improve your organic search, but this might prove harmful for your business in the end. The Facebook algorithm might be annoying at times, but it’s indeed smart.

If it feels that you are trying to fish for engagement by using manipulative content, the chances are that you are going to get banned. Rather than prioritizing posts based on their engagement, Facebook focuses on the quality of the content.

5.     Invite Friends to Help

One more way to give your Facebook reach a boost is to invite your friends to help. Many of us tend to scroll down even if we like a particular post – that is, unless we receive a nudge to do otherwise.

This is why you may want to invite your friends to like, comment, and share your content. Not only will this help you grow your audience, but it will also allow you to interact with those we know as “cold followers.”

Inviting them specifically will offer them that “nudge.” The more they interact with your content, the more the Facebook algorithm will take notice of it. Before long, your posts will start appearing in people’s feeds – therefore, increasing your reach as more people are liking your content.

6.    Make Content for Your Target Audience

You can’t expect to engage with your audience without offering them quality content that is relevant to them. If the people are interested in the content that you post, they will most definitely hit like, comment, and share. As this will reach other people that have similar interests, your Facebook organic reach will grow as well.

7.     Live Videos and Eye-Catching Visuals

Live videos have become an important tool for marketers. For example, users watched over 1 billion hours worth of live videos in 2019. Unlike regular videos that appear in the newsfeed, live videos are shown in the notification bar. If people are subscribed to you and you go live, they’ll know.

This is a good tactic to connect with your “cold followers.” You can get them more interested in your product, and the more live videos they see, the more likely they will be to engage.

Pictures are also great to have. For example, you may use Canva to create custom eye-catching visuals. The right idea can easily go viral.

8.    Adjust Your Posting Time

To be successful in your campaign and give your Facebook organic reach a boost, you might want to adjust your posting time. Let’s say that you have a great idea for a post, an amazing piece of content that would normally certainly catch on. If you post that on Facebook at 3 AM, the chances are that by the time they wake up, it will become lost in their newsfeed, never to be seen again.

Try posting when your followers are most likely to be online. Facebook analytics can give you a good idea of when your fans are logged in. Use the Posts section of the Facebook Insights to see exactly when the peak hours are.

9.    Try UGC

UGC (or User Generated Content) is all the rage nowadays. People are more likely to trust a brand if a different user comments on it, which will in the end bring you more likes and followers. You can invite other users to write a review or use a branded hashtag for your post. This way, others may be inspired to use your product by being exposed to the UGC.

The Bottom Line

Facebook’s organic reach has always been important, and it will likely continue to be that way. This is why you need to use the right strategies to give it a boost, as it will help you in the long run. We hope our article helped you in this regard.

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