7 tips to protect your phone from possible ‘hacks’

Just as technological advancement has increased exponentially over the years, malicious attacks have also increased. However, that is no reason to be easy prey and fall for one. There are many alternatives to avoid it and we share some tips to protect your phone from possible hacks. 😉

7 tips to protect your phone from hacks

1. Use 2-Step Verification

Use 2-Step Verification for all important logins on your phone. This includes your bank account, social media, or email. You can even assign a strong password to each one, so you will prevent someone else from trying to enter and you will receive an alert if it happens.

To avoid types of hacks on your phone always use two-step verification - Blog Hola Telcel

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2. Do not enter suspicious links

If you receive an email or text message with a link from a strange or unknown source, it is best not to open it. What you should do in these cases is to verify that the link is secure, that it does not ask you for any type of personal information and the reason why it is being shared with you.

3. Avoid using open WiFi networks

Do it only in necessary situations, but do not access important websites and do not write your password anywhere. Also remember to delete said WiFi network from your phone so that it is not registered after you disconnect.

4. Protect your phone with a strong password

Although this advice seems obvious, it is always good to remember it, as there is a high risk that anyone will get your information if you do not protect your phone with a strong password. Ideally, assign one that no one else knows, it can be a pattern or a series of numbers.

5. Update your operating system

Companies constantly update their softwares with the intention of correcting errors and improving its security systems, so to protect your phone from hacks, whenever a new update appears, install it as soon as possible.

6. Protect yourself with Norton Security

The best advice to avoid any type of hack on your phone is to take advantage of the benefits of being a CĂ­rculo customerBlue Telcel, with which by contracting Norton LifeLock you will get 30 days free of Norton Security and Norton VPN for one device. If you are already an existing customer, request the activation of Norton VPN and enjoy 30 days free for up to 5 different devices.

With Norton Security you will be protected every day at any time and place, especially when banking, buying online and browsing different websites from your phone. Also, safeguard all your passwords and access to social networks. You will have the confidence at all times that your data is protected.

To increase the security of your smartphone with CircleBlue Telcel and Norton Security, enter this link and follow the instructions.

Protect yourself from hacks with Norton Security taking advantage of being a CĂ­rculoAzul Telcel client.- Hello Telcel blog

7. Download safe apps

The best option is to always download completely safe applications on your phone, in the case of Android devices, do it from Google play and in the case of iOS from App Store, since both sites make sure that each application or game complies with the privacy and security regulations so as not to put your phone at risk.

Hacks on your phone can be avoided with the tips shared here.- Blog Hola Telcel

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With these tips your phone will have all the necessary protection to avoid hacks or fall into uncomfortable situations where your information is at risk. Apply them all and share this information with whoever you think needs it! 😊

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