7 things we did on MSN Messenger and today we miss on WhatsApp

Do you remember the old MSN Messenger from Microsoft? It was surely one of the first social networks with which you shared great moments. It was a platform that marked an entire generation and that even though it no longer exists, it is still fondly remembered.

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MSN Messenger login

Today we wanted to get nostalgic and remember how much fun it was to chat through MSN Messenger and relive things we did, miss, and even wish could be recreated in WhatsApp. Are you ready to travel to 2000?

7 things that happened on MSN Messenger, even if you are sorry to admit

1. You agreed to connect to MSN Messenger at the same time with your friends

Although you spent half the day at school with your friends, at the exit you agreed with them to connect at the same time on MSN Messenger. And the homework? Well, thank you.

Hello old computer

2. You created your own language through emojis

In MSN Messenger it was possible to mix emojis with letters and create combined words. Whoever had the most emojis was undoubtedly the most original, although in reality what was being written was no longer understood.

3. You used the duckling photo when you didn’t have a good one to show.

Not only the duckling, there was a flower and a puppy that we all use at some time, because of course, the profile photo of MSN Messenger had to be unique and special.

Duckling profile picture

4. You gave yourself to respect by sending buzzes

Back then there was no “in sight” or double blue popcorn. In MSN Messenger you gave yourself to respect through buzzing so that the other person would answer you in time and continue the conversation.

Buzzing on MSN Messenger

5. You connected and disconnected to get attention

Admit it! We all did it from time to time, connecting and disconnecting from time to time so that others would receive the notification that we were available to chat. An infallible technique to get the attention of our high school crush.

6. You were creative with your MSN Messenger nickname

A combination of emojis, symbols and even numbers to create the perfect nickname. It was until we grew up that we realized that this thought nickname could not be part of a resume or a work email.

7. You played your favorite music through Windows Player Media

You wished that everyone knew your favorite music and you played the same songs over and over again so that they would appear in your state.

MSN Messenger chats

There is no doubt that that time was one of the best and that without it, app technology, such as WhatsApp, would not be the same. Sure we miss a lot of those moments, but today there are incredible features that you can enjoy thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend, with connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Do you remember anything else you did on MSN Messenger? Would you like a Hi5 or MySpace count? Let us know! 😊

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