7 paid games on Google Play and now free for the Good End

The most anticipated weekend of the year has arrived, Good End 2021 has already started! This is the opportunity to hunt down the best offers, acquire what you have wanted so much and pamper yourself a little.

The best of all is that the Good End offers are not only limited to physical stores, but also apply in virtual stores and today we share with you the best Google Play Store promotions in games and entertainment that are now available. Opportunities that you cannot miss, since expensive applications will be completely free during these days, with which you will spend hours of fun if you have a device with an Android operating system.

The only thing you need to enjoy them is the connectivity that #TelcelLaMejorRed gives you with the highest Coverage and Speed ​​in your Unlimited Friend Refills. So take note and install the game that most catches your attention.

Free games on Google Play for the Good End 2021

1. House 2048

If your thing is interior decoration, then House 2048 You cannot miss it on your phone, since it is a fun game in which you can design and decorate the room of your dreams. In addition, you have to complete missions, furnish spaces and meet record times.

Download it for free from Google Play.

House 2048 free on Google Play for the Good End - Blog Hola Telcel

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2. Bricks Breaker Pro free on Good End

With more than 500 levels, Bricks Breaker Pro It will put your skills to the test, where you have to knock down as many blocks as possible to accumulate points, complete missions and pass the level. It has powers that allow you to eliminate more blocks and integrates different scenarios and daily challenges.

Download it for free from this link.

Bricks Breaker Pro paid app will be available for free during the Good End on Google Play.- Blog Hola Telcel

3. Infinite puzzle

The game is simple, you have to join the points without the lines crossing each other, achieving different figures. However, as you progress in level Infinite puzzle it increases in difficulty and the tests become more and more complicated. It is the ideal app to spend hours of fun, test your mind and enjoy that for now it is free for Android phones.

Download it for free from Google play

  Infinite Puzzle put your skills to the test and download it for free on Google Play during Good End 2021.- Hello Telcel blog.- Hello Telcel blog

Four. 2048 Puzzle Game

There is nothing better than a challenging puzzle and 2048 Puzzle Game makes it possible in a virtual way. The objective is to complete the puzzles according to the numbers, colors and sequences established. It seems easy, but you need a lot of ingenuity to advance to the next level.

Download it for free from this link.

2048 Puzzle Game virtual puzzle to play in Google Play that you can install for free for the promotion of Good End 2021.- Blog Hola Telcel

5. Color Link Deluxe

Color Link Deluxe is also a puzzle game in which you must build tubes of different colors from different strategic points scattered around the screen. The purpose is to cover the entire grid and form pipe networks without colliding with each other.

Download it for free from Google Play.

Color Link Deluxe in Google Play for free for the Good End - Blog Hola Telcel

6. Empire Warriors TD Premium

Empire Warriors TD Premium is a great option if your thing is adventure and defense. In addition, you will be surprised by the incredible quality of its graphics in 2D format, which perfectly combines the functions of the game with the fighting missions, with epic challenges and moments of great fun.

Download it for free from this link.

Empire Warriors TD Premium for adventure lovers, available for free download - Blog Hola Telcel

7. Truth or Dare Pro on offer for the Good End

Surely you have played Truth or Dare physically, but there is always the disadvantage that the questions or the challenges are over. With Truth or Dare Pro In Google Play it will no longer be like that, since it has an infinite number of fun challenges to play with your partner, family or friends. Unlike the rest of the games, this one does have a cost but for the Good End you will only pay $ 10 pesos.

Download it for free from Google Play.

Truth or Dare application game to download free offers Good End 2021 on Google Play.- Blog Hola Telcel
Photos: Google Play Store

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These are just some recommendations to have a good time, taking advantage of the Good End offers and the diversity of options that Google Play has for you. So do not hesitate to enter your favorite application store to find that app or game that you have always wanted, because you will find many more offers. Do not forget to share this tip so that everyone can take advantage of the Good End promotions. 😊

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