6 reasons why your account could be canceled according to WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to improve its service for the benefit of its more than two billion users worldwide. Part of it involves getting strict about the security and privacy rules. Therefore, WhatsApp has shared six reasons the app could suspend or terminate your account indefinitely.

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So that it does not happen to you and you can continue enjoying WhatsApp without limit thanks to your Telcel Unlimited Friend Refills and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed, here we share the six rules or rules that you must comply with for your account to remain active. Pay a lot of attention! 👀

6 reasons why WhatsApp could cancel your account

1. Make spam on unknown phones

When sending repetitive and massive messages to phones that you do not have added in your contact list, WhatsApp will take it as spam and it will attract your attention. This will cause them to thoroughly review your account and, if necessary, cancel it and be part of the list of phones banned by the app.

2. Get blocked

If your WhatsApp number or account is blocked by many people, around five or more, the platform will also need to review your profile, account, chats and if it finds irrelevant or unwanted messages, it will cause them to block you.

3. Share false information or misleading messages

When spreading rumors, false information, links to malware, obscene material or simply offensive messages, WhatsApp is obliged to cancel your account indefinitely. In fact, depending on the seriousness of the situation, there is also the possibility of facing the law. For that reason, take good care of what you share through the app.

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4. Being reported by someone else on WhatsApp

Like being blocked, if WhatsApp detects that your account has been reported repeatedly, it will have to find out what is happening. If the app finds offensive, unnecessary, or impertinent messages, the app can take action against you and terminate your account in the first place.

5. Use inappropriate apps

If you use the same phone number to open unauthorized unofficial WhatsApp accounts, such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, you could also be entitled to have your account canceled. This is because the app seeks that fewer users fall on false platforms, without security and expose their information or personal data.

6. Upload or share copyrighted material on WhatsApp

Another important rule within the platform is that you cannot send or upload to your ‘States’ material with Copyright or protected by copyright on WhatsApp. If so, you would be entitled to a penalty, such as having your account canceled.

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Now that you know the new (and not so new), pay much more attention to what you share through the app. This is a new way to protect yourself against people who do not use the platform correctly so that everyone can enjoy it without worries.

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Did you know all these WhatsApp rules? Be a lot more careful from now on! 😉

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