6 incredible ideas to enjoy the best weekend

Admit it, the closer the Day of the Dead celebrations and later Christmas ones get closer, the excitement for living unique and unrepeatable moments before the end of the year increases. If you don’t want to be left with the desire to close with a flourish for another year, here we share six incredible ideas to enjoy as a couple, starting this weekend!

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6 incredible ideas for a weekend with CírculoAzul Telcel

1. Date at the cinema

The first option is to go back to the movies and enjoy the great premieres that are coming to Cinemex, enjoying your favorite popcorn combo, the perfect company and the emotion of each scene. It is the ideal plan if movies are your thing, since there are several options at the moment, such as 007: No time to die, Dune or Halloween Kills.

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2. Have fun on a trampoline park

If what you are looking for is a much more moving plan, where you feel like a child again, then you can visit Jump-in, where you will find trampolines and games for all ages. It is a park for young and old! In addition, in Jump-in you can do various activities, such as basketball, climbing, swimming in the sponge well and, obviously, taking the best photos and videos.

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3. Bowling afternoon

Nobody can resist a bowling competition, especially when it comes to visiting Recórcholis. It is the ideal option to improve your ability to knock down pine trees and have fun at the same time. Not to mention that you can enjoy endless activities and games as a couple.

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4. Weekend in Recórcholis

Now, if what you enjoy the most is putting your skills to the test in different games, then you can enjoy with CírculoBlue Telcel double recharges, to earn more points, more prizes and have a great time.

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5. Go to an amusement park

If you want to show all your courage and live an extreme experience, then you can visit Kataplum, which has nine children’s attractions, fourteen family attractions and six attractions for true adventurers. It is here where you can enjoy mechanical games of height, speed and resistance in the company of your adventurous partner.

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6. Enjoy a delicious hamburger

Finally, if what you are looking for is tranquility and a delicious meal; visit KFC and try Big Krunch burgers with small fries and soda. There is no one who can resist this weekend plan and with Blue Circle Telcel Acquire the coupon to enjoy the promotion for only $ 187 pesos.

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You already have the ideas, it only remains to choose your favorite, the one that best suits you and enjoy a unique weekend. 😉

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