58 “Smart TV TD System K58DLJ12US with Android TV on sale

However, when buying a new television, there are many other important aspects that we must look at before deciding on one model or another. In addition to the size, it is important to check the resolution, image and sound quality, connectivity section, the operating system it has and of course, the price.

Great value for money with Android TV

In this case, we are sure that the offer shown below will meet your expectations. The model in question is the TD System K58DLJ12US, a Smart TV with a 58-inch screen, more than enough size to fully enjoy any content and regardless of the distance from which we see it. A screen with resolution 4K UHD and compatible with content HDR and Dolby Digital Plus.

Smart TV td system K58DLJ12US lateral

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight its great connectivity section, since it has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, composite video input, CI + common interface port, digital audio output, headphone output, RJ45 Ethernet LAN port, WiFi and bluetooth, which allows us to connect our TV with other devices such as our mobile phone or a tablet in a very simple way.

A Smart TV, this TD System K58DLJ12US that has the operating system Android TV version 9, so it allows us to access Google Play from the TV itself to be able to install all kinds of applications and games on the TV.

Finally, it should be noted that this TD System K58DLJ12US television is equipped with the HbbTV 2.0.1 hybrid television system, which allows you to retrieve television programs or use certain interactive applications through the Internet connection itself, among other things.

A high-performance model with measures of 130.6 x 76 x 7.9 cm and 13.7 grams that we can place on any piece of furniture or use some of the wall mounts for large televisions.

Smart TV TD System K58DLJ12US on sale

Last but not least, the official price of this TD System television is 499 euros. A fairly tight price if we compare it with other similar models from other manufacturers but which has now been lowered thanks to the offer that we find on Amazon.

Smart TV td system K58DLJ12US front

The online shopping giant has applied a 50 euro discount on this TD System K58DLJ12US, so it allows us to buy it at a price of only 448.99 euros. A product sold and shipped by Amazon that offers a delivery time of just 3 business days.

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