5 tricks of the Gmail app you have to know to master it

Sending emails has become a daily task for many people, especially those who work remotely.

The mail is one of the best inventions and knowing how to take advantage of it is basic. That’s why we share you 5 tricks of the app Gmail to dominate it that you may not know, to be a master of emails.

Gmail app tricks to master it that you may not knowIt has been several years since we can enjoy the Gmail application on our mobile devices or tablets. However, few know for sure these hacks to find specific information or highlight the text in some color, for example.

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tricks to use the Gmail application

Gmail app tricks

Advanced search

Among the commands offered by the app of Gmail to facilitate its use, is the advanced search. Take these commands into account to perform specific searches in your inbox.

  • To search for a specific sender or recipient: from:[nombre], to:[nombre], cc:[nombre]
  • To include or exclude specific words in your search: +[palabra], -[palabra]
  • To search for emails before or after a specific date: after:[año/mes/día], before:[año/mes/día]
  • To search for emails with a specific age, such as 2d (two days), 3m (three months), 4y (four years): older_than:[tiempo], newer_than:[tiempo] –
  • To search for files attached to an email (photos, excel table or a Word document): has: attachment, file name:[tipo de archivo]

Gmail app cheatsUnread messages

Do you love to see your inbox in zeros, without having any pending to read? Sometimes this is a bit difficult, especially if we receive dozens of emails a day.

But to keep the read from the unread separate there is a trick you can use in the app.

To see only unread emails, type in the search bar: is: unread. In fact, there are similar commands to search for unread mails with a specific attachment: is: important or is: unread photos. In this way, unread emails containing the word ‘important’ or ‘photos’ will appear.

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Gesture control

East hack It is useful to read multiple emails in one go, without having to go back to the inbox several times to open one by one.

How? Simply enter an email and slide your finger to the left or right of the screen, so we will change from email to email, as if it were a gallery.

Gmail app tricks to master it

Quick multiple selection

To be able to choose several emails, the application has a very fast function. Just tap the circle to the left of each email in your inbox to quickly select them.

Text size, color and fonts

When we send an email through our smartphone, this means that we do not have much time to devote to it, as if we were on the computer.

However, with this hack You will be able to give a unique touch to the text of your emails, all this taking advantage of the Double Gigs that your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan offers you to navigate and send your emails with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

All you have to do is mark the word or phrase that you want to modify. Subsequently, the menu of options such as cut or paste will appear; When the ‘format’ option appears, you can configure the text to your liking.

Choose the font you want: bold, italic, underline, text and background color, and more.

tricks you should know to master the gmail app

Clever! Now you have the Gmail app tricks to dominate it completely.

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