5 tips to take command of your iPhone


To make this happen, tell Siri to “open Gmail settings” or whatever app you really want to use. You can also touch to open the Settings icon on the home screen, scroll to the application name, and select it to access its settings. Touch the Default Browser Application or Default Mail Application line and on the next screen select your preferred program.

Want to reply to a specific post in a Messages chat or get someone’s attention in a group conversation, just as you can on some social media platforms? You can do both.


To reply to a certain message, whether in a one-on-one or group chat where everyone is using the Messages app, press your finger on that message until a menu appears. Select Reply, enter your reply, and tap the blue Send arrow. To tag someone in a conversation for a notification, place the @ symbol in front of the name or simply type the name and select it when it appears on your Contacts screen.

Apple’s Siri voice assistant, which celebrates a decade on the iPhone this October, has lost ground in knowledge and usefulness to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant in recent years. To increase Siri’s powers, Apple added more abilities in iOS 14. And with iOS 14.5, it now includes a more diverse set of voices.


To change how and when Siri sounds, open the Settings icon from the home screen, select Siri and Search, and make your selections. You can also choose to show your conversations on the screen by tapping Siri Answers and turning on “Always show Siri subtitles” and “Always show voice” to ensure that watch the last word too.

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