5 things you should know to travel and study in Canada in 2021

He 2021 It has started with double the purposes to fulfill, many of them which could not be carried out in 2020. For example, being able to travel to Canada and study in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you share this dream and would like to fulfill it as soon as possible, you should know these 5 important points to achieve it.

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Canada awaits you to study! 🍁

1. Not all schools are face-to-face

Whereas the world is still facing a pandemic; Canada has made sure to protect its students, so not all schools are face-to-face and many of them are teaching remotely.

This is an important point, since if you want to live the experience of returning to school in person, you must make sure that your institute is included in the registry DLI (Designated Learning Institutions), which have been authorized to receive students.

Canada face-to-face schools

2. You must first check with the Canadian Embassy

With the new normal, it is necessary to consult the Canadian Embassy before traveling, since one of the requirements to achieve this is the taking of biometric data, which remain closed in Mexico, but the embassy could give you a solution to it.

canadian embassy flag

3. An extra procedure

In addition to the passport, a proof of financial solvency, translated certificates, VISA, among many other procedures; To visit Canada you must present a negative COVID-19 test when boarding the plane.

After arriving in the country, you must follow a mandatory 14-day quarantine and notify the authorities of your departure, arrival and location at all times. Something that you should take into account before the start of classes and to take care of your health.

Face mask

4. Zero companions this time

In other circumstances, much of the scholarships offered in Canada for students allowed a family companion for the great adventure. However, this is no longer the case, so the trips are only for one person.

Video call phone

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5. Your VISA could take a little longer

Due to the closure of some centers for receiving documents to process the VISA, these have been delayed from 3 to 8 weeks. An important point that you must consider in advance, so as not to miss classes and that your trip goes perfectly.

Taking classes in Canada requirements

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Take into account planning your itinerary well with the tips shared here. Also, do not forget that your health comes first and that the rules have been modified to take care of you and that you live the most exciting adventure of your life. 🇨🇦

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