5 things that cannot be missing in your Mexican night

As every year, Mexicans prepare our national holidays to commemorate the night of September 15, in which the quest for the Independence of Mexico began. Whether you spend your Mexican night with your friends or family, these are five essential things that will add value to your evening.

The essential for your Mexican night!

1. Traditional Mexican dishes

Mexican gastronomy has a wealth of flavors, smells, aromas and colors; it is worthy of recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Without a doubt, it is the most important factor to take into account in this Mexican night, in which dishes such as pozole, sopes, cochinita pibil, pambazos, tostadas and quesadillas should not be missing. Also, don’t forget to have a sweet and traditional ending with honey-dipped fritters.

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2. The best Mexican music

The Mexican night is a great excuse to sing and dance to the rhythm of our favorite national music. Among the artists that cannot be missed at your dinner and at the dance on September 15 are the classics Pedro Infante, Alejandro Fernández and of course Luis Miguel, who even dedicated all his love to the country on the album Mexico on the skin.

Luis Miguel one of the Mexican artists for the Mexican night - Blog Hola Telcel

Don’t worry about having the perfect song list for tonight. In Claro music you can play the playlist To give the cry, in which you will find the most classic artists of national music, but also some other singers such as Karol G, so that all musical tastes are pleased.

3. Board games representative of Mexico

Is the conversation over? Classic Mexican board games can be a good excuse to spend hours of fun. Some of them can be: lottery, memory, snakes and ladders, Chinese checkers or La Oca.

Loteria and other typical Mexican board games - Hola Telcel Blog

4. Typical sweets

Part of the richness of Mexican gastronomy is due to its history and variety. Typical Mexican sweets are an important part of the gastronomic history of Mexico, since its main ingredients, such as amaranth, maguey honey or piloncillo, come from a cultural mix after the Spanish conquest. Some of the ones you can’t miss are the sweet pumpkin, wafers, peanut marzipan, tamarind candy, cocadas or sweet potato.

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5. Very Mexican decoration

Finally, as part of the coexistence, you can also decorate in the company of your family with plants – which you can also keep for a long time – such as cacti, textiles with bright colors such as the well-known “Mexican rose” and the typical papel picado. .

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