5 technological inventions created by women that the world is grateful for

Although respect and equal rights towards women should be celebrated every day of the year; this March 8, International Women’s Day, is the perfect date to honor all those who have fought and shown their courage in the history of the world. Even those who, thanks to their knowledge, have achieved great technological inventions.

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Technological inventions women

If it weren’t for the technological inventions created by women that we present here, your day-to-day life would be very different. Surfing the internet, taking care of a baby, going to a hospital, even having a delicious coffee would not be the same. So stop whatever you’re doing and check out these female-created technological breakthroughs. 💪

5 technological inventions created by women

1. Coffee filters- Melitta Bentz

The paper filters that you use every day to prepare your morning coffee exist thanks to the ingenuity of Melitta Bentz; a German housewife who devised a filter for her coffee maker that would not leave behind that bitter metallic taste of strainers.

Melitta received the patent for his design in 1908 and since then coffee filters are as we know them today.

Melitta Bentz creator filters for coffee women
Photo: Melitta Bentz coffee filters

2. WiFi- Hedy Lamarr

With a brilliant mind, Hedy Lamarr took up technology as a hobby discovering and designing the first frequency hopping system. The goal of his project was to join the military technology; an invention that would later lead to the creation of Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS.

WIFI Hedy Lamarr technological inventions women
Photo: Hedy Lamarr

3. Windshield Wiper- Mary Anderson

During a tram ride on a rainy day, Mary Anderson noted how difficult it was for drivers to see through the windshield in so much rain and snow. So he came up with the brilliant idea for a windshield wiper, submitted his project, and received his patent in 1903.

Doggy windshield wiper

4. Anti-reflective glass- Katharine Blodgett

Katharine Blodgett was also the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Cambridge, where she worked on molecular coatings experiments applied to water, metals, and glass. These tests allowed the creation of anti-reflective glasses that we use daily in glasses, telescopes and cameras.

Camera technological inventions women

5. Disposable diapers- Marian Donovan

Marion Donovan, better known worldwide as the mother of the disposable diaper, spearheaded the industrial revolution by inventing a diaper cover that allowed babies to stay dry all the time. Can you imagine what would be the babies of today without the intelligence of Mario Donovan?

Marion Donovan disposable diapers technological inventions women
Photo: Marion Donovan

There are many examples like these, where women have shown to possess the skills to succeed in science, technology, sports, health, at home and wherever they set their mind to it.

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Kendall Jenner International Women's Day March 8
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Do you know of any other invention created by women? Which of these is impossible for you to live without today?

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