5 strange but very common types of OCD in the world

We all have hobbies, no one is saved from it. These range from not wanting to step on the lines of the floor or checking up to three times having closed the doors properly. They are actions that you do over and over again to eliminate thoughts that constantly surround your head. These are also called OCD, but why is it?

What is OCD?

An OCD is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in which a person feels invaded by repetitive thoughts, ideas or sensations that do not allow him to be calm. It is a type of anxiety that drives people to perform repetitive actions or thoughts, sometimes they are strange.

Having OCD does not represent a bad thing for your health, but there are cases in which they exceed the limits and can generate biological and psychological problems. Here we share five of them that are very common in the world and that you may have without realizing it.

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Strange types of OCD but many people get

1. Post everything

The first one is to always think in numbers. There are people who cannot live without accounting for everything; the times they brush their hair, the amount of bumps they go through when traveling or the exact people in a place. It is a mildly harmful OCD, it even speeds up the mind and there are those who have a preference for a number series or for a specific number.

Accounting for everything is one of the most common OCD among people - Hola Telcel blog

2. Obsession for cleanliness

Unlike the previous one, this OCD occurs in those people who all the time have ideas about contamination, permanent and irrational, which leads them to compulsively clean everything around them: furniture, dishes, clothes, they even wash their hands over and over again. time in the day.

3. Fascination with cats

If you know someone who has a fascination for cats to such a degree that they decorate their house with figures, photos and obviously rescue anyone they find on the street, you should know that it is also an OCD. For those people, the number of cats in their home will never be enough.

One of the funniest and most common OCD is the Fascination for cats - Blog Hola Telcel

5. Collect toys

This OCD is not only limited to collectible toys, but rather refers to those people who tend to accumulate all kinds of things, from valuables to useless things. They are unable to get rid of anything.

4. Taste for symmetry

People with this OCD want everything to be aesthetically symmetrical, accommodated and towards a specific orientation. For example, when they sit down to eat, they must first put the silverware and plates in order, and their house is usually always very neat.

Obsession for symmetry is an OCD that many people have and among the funniest diagnosed - Hello Telcel blog

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So don’t think twice, learn more about OCD through OCD, OCD and have fun as a family with one of the best productions in Mexico. Meanwhile tell us, do you have OCD and you hadn’t realized it? 🤔

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