5 Sci-Fi Movies That Predicted What 2022 Would Look Like

As a general rule, the science fiction genre has always been concerned with imagining what the world would be like in the future. Almost always this future is dystopian, apocalyptic and bleak, although from time to time it also portrays utopias. At present, it is difficult to imagine a better future or, perhaps, worse due to the situation that afflicts us. But for science fiction there has always been time to do it and 2022 is no exception.

Below, we present a list of five old (and not so old) movies that have fantasized about what the year we are now experiencing would be like. Could it be that they predicted several of the situations we are currently experiencing?

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The 5 science fiction movies that tell us what 2022 would be like

1. Mission 2022/Alien Intruder (1993)

What is it about? A group of convicts get a parole permit to join a space crew, but along the way they meet the other side of evil: an alien determined to destroy them, far from Earth.

In real life 2022: the film exposes the use of one of the technologies of the moment: virtual reality (VR). However, in this science fiction film, the convicts who travel to space are victims of their own fantasies when using this technology, whose dark side is exposed in all its splendor. Likewise, the consequences of space debris (orbiting debris from satellites and rockets) and false news are also portrayed. Very real issues of 2022.

Alien Intruder and other movies set in 2022 - Blog Hola Telcel

two. geo-storm (2017)

What is it about? An engineer and designer of satellites, after a chain failure of most of the Earth’s meteorological satellites, must team up with his brother, with whom he has not spoken for years, to travel to space and save the planet Earth from a artificial storm of catastrophic proportions. All this while a plot is brewing to assassinate the president of the United States.

In real life 2022: being one of the most current films on the list, geo-storm bases its argument on disciplines such as engineering. Specifically in the climate Engineering, which proposes interventions in the global climate system designed to mitigate some of the effects of climate change. Undoubtedly, a discipline with great academic, political and social scope today.

Geostorm, science fiction film with Gerard Butler - Blog Hola Telcel

3. Haunted by his past/Time Runner (1993)

What is it about? Mark Hamill (Star Wars) stars in this film, directed by Michael Mazo, to save the world from an alien threat in the middle of 2022. To do this, he must travel back in time and go back to the year 1992. During his mission he is pursued by a ruthless agent of a top secret government organization. And with the help of scientist Karen Donaldson, he will try to alert the authorities about the great and terrifying alien threat.

In real life 2022: this film, without a doubt, brings back reminiscences about one of the topics of the moment: aliens in Area 51 of the United States. But it also raises a question out of orbit: is the global political elite secretly an alien race seeking world domination? Perhaps the closest the film is to predicting what happens in 2022 has to do with the costumes, the hairstyles of the characters and certain fashions from that time that would be trending right now.

Mark Hamill in the movie Time Runner which is set in 2022 - Blog Hola Tecel

Four. The Purge: The Night of Atonement (2013)

What is it about? The film was released in 2013, but is set in 2022. The story introduces us to a future dystopian society where the political regime, known as the New Founding of the Fathers of America, has implemented a cathartic measure in the face of violence and overcrowded prisons: a “annual purge”. This purge establishes that one night a year, for 12 hours, you can commit any type of crime (murders included), without having to answer to justice. Calm prevails the rest of the year.

In real life 2022: according to the tape, a totalitarian government assumes power in the United States and a terror regime is implanted in that territory. However, the unemployment and crime rate has dropped to just 1% and the economy is the highest it has ever been. It turns out that the blissful ‘annual purge’ is actually an artificial method of population control, in which the poorest and most homeless people are eliminated.

Although the argument of the purge It may sound better than current life, the reality is that the pandemic, which started in 2020, has greatly destabilized things. We cannot say that crime has decreased, quite the opposite. And, in addition, there is a lot to say about the rate of unemployment and violence that the pandemic has generated.

Also, the scenes of the purge that show people locked inside their houses and other people with masks wandering the desolate streets, of course, they refer us to confinement.

The purge 2013, is one of the movies about what 2022 would be like - Blog Hola Telcel

5. When fate catches up with us/Soylent Green (1973)

What is it about? The film is set in the year 2022 and warns us that the population of New York (with about 40 million inhabitants) lives in miserable conditions. To combat hunger, a synthetic food known as Soylent Green. However, Detective Robert Thorn (Charlton Heston), a survivor from another era, suspects that there is something disturbing behind the new food.

In real life 2022: The title in Spanish of the film could not be more appropriate as it is now. The film is a clear reflection of the global climate crisis and the frivolous interests behind politics and money.

In the same way, the film shows us something that already exists: synthetic foods. sites like Digital Trends they cite the existence of shellfish made from red algae, lab-grown meat, insects, or the bloody Impossible Burger. In fact, it will be more surprising if we tell you that there is already a company dedicated to producing this type of food called, precisely, Soylent Green.

When fate catches up with us, science fiction film about synthetic foods 2022 - Blog Hola Telcel

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