5 objects of daily life that you did not know were created by NASA

It is clear that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as POT, is dedicated to the study and exploration of the universe, as well as the development of science and technology. However, thanks to their contributions, many objects that we use daily at home have been created and have helped improve life on our planet.

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Most of these inventions were created to facilitate efficient research, but if not for them, life on Earth today would be very different. Take a moment to look around you and discover which objects are inventions of NASA and you never imagined it.

NASA inventions we use every day on Earth

1. Mattresses and pillows

That we are comfortable at night, thanks to the elastic fabrics of the mattresses and pillows, is something that we have NASA to thank. The foam inside them was developed by teams from the research department in 1987, with the aim of finding a way for test pilots to rest after their training sessions.

Pinocchio's cat lying on his bed, a NASA invention- HolaTelcel Blog

2. Cameras in cell phones

During the 1990s, the POT developed image sensors that allowed cameras to be reduced in size, to be transported into space, but still maintained image quality. This invention was very attractive to the technology industry, who thought it would be a great idea to integrate these sensors into cell phones.

Thanks to this, today there are smartphones with integrated front and rear cameras; with different types of focus, depth and light. A clear example are the Huawei P40 or the Galaxy Note 9, which you find in the Telcel online store, on Friend Kit or when renewing your Telcel Plan, so that you continue to enjoy #TelcelLaMejorRed connectivity with the highest coverage.

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3. Tennis or sports shoes

Another great invention that we thank NASA for is tennis shoes. These were created for the comfort of astronauts in really difficult situations and many hours of training. They first started out as rubber molds to cushion the bottom of shoes, and over time designs and different types of fabric were added to make them into sneakers.

Tennis of the future, Marty McFly, one of the inventions by astronauts- HolaTelcel Blog

4. Shockproof NASA lenses

In the 1960s, NASA got to work on a stronger material for astronaut helmet visors. The investigation lasted more than ten years, but it served so that later the manufacturers of glasses and eyeglasses copied the formula and their products were shock and drop proof. For that reason, when your glasses fall off, they don’t break instantly.

Sunglasses, inventions created by NASA that you did not know - HolaTelcel blog

5. Mouse for computer

If you believed that the mouse your computer was a creation of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, you were very wrong. It was actually from Bob Taylor, who worked at NASA and was looking for new ways to make computers more interactive and user-friendly. Of course, Taylor did not imagine that his creation would end in homes and offices, since at that time computers were only seen in large companies.

Monkey in office and computer, using mouse- Blog-HolaTelcel

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These are just some of the most interesting inventions, because it is actually a long list. So tell us, which of these surprised you the most?

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