5 new features included in the new iOS 14.6 for iPhone

A new version of ios in order to iPhone has come in a surprising way from Manzana. The list of updates was expected to be released on June 7, the date on which the new edition of WWDC 2021 is scheduled. However, the large company preferred to anticipate and the new one is now available. iOS 14.6 in order to iPhone.

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Here we tell you the most relevant news that you can find when updating your device, whether it is iPhone or iPad, when you receive the new one iOS 14.6, which focuses on security and audio enhancements.

5 new features included in the new iOS 14.6 for iPhone

1. Subscriptions to podcast

Support has been added for Apple Podcast Subscriptions, the new platform system that allows podcasters add paid content by subscription. The service is called Apple Podcasts and it will allow creators to earn a profit for their content and users to subscribe to their favorites.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions one of the novelties of iOS 14.6, platform for creators and subscribers - HolaTelcel Blog

2. Lossless audio

Who use Apple Music now you can enjoy better quality lossless audio. This is due to the new digital audio format Lossless Audio for Apple Music, which reproduces the content in high resolution thanks to the technology Dolby Atmos.

3. Contact method for AirTag

Another novelty is that users of AirTag They will be able to add an email address as a contact method when the device is in ‘lost mode’. In this way, anyone could write to the owner to say that they found the device or object that was attached to the AirTag.

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4. Compatibility with Apple Card Family

Added to these new features is compatibility with Apple Card Family, where up to five people can be added to the same card. To do this, the other people must be over 18 years of age and enter some data. With this they will be able to generate a credit and share the responsibility of all the activity of the account.

5. iOS with screen unlock with mask

Finally, one of the most anticipated functions in ios It is linked to the security of the iPhone, since users will be able to use facial recognition to unlock their phone, even when they use the mask. In addition, as a final detail, improvements have been added to the Voice over so that people with vision or mobility problems can unlock their iPhone by voice.

Face recognition with iPhone mask

Surely the list of news will increase with the announcements and updates that Apple has prepared for the next WWDC 2021. In the meantime, you can let yourself be surprised by the aforementioned and encourage you to acquire the iPhone of your dreams through the Telcel online store, where do you find the new ones iPhone 12 Y iPhone 12 Pro, with incredible technology and innovation to enjoy the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

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Do not stop being aware of Hello Telcel To learn more about Apple’s surprises and tell us, what improvement would you like the company to include among its next updates?

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