5 Mexican athletes who have represented another country in Tokyo

One of the reasons why Games They are the most important sporting event in the world, it is because it unites several nations in the same city, competing for a medal. In addition, each athlete proudly represents their country. However, there have been cases in Tokyo where Mexicans have competed on behalf of another nation.

Why does this happen? There are many reasons, sometimes for lack of support or self-belief. But despite this, it is clear that Mexico has great athletes inside and outside the country and in Tokyo some examples have emerged that we share with you here.

5 Mexican athletes who have represented another country in Tokyo

1. Gabriela Bayardo and her bronze in Tokyo

In archery, Mexicans Alejandra Valencia and Luis Álvarez gave Mexico the first bronze medal in Tokyo. But remotely Gabriela Bayardo also did it, since she obtained a silver medal in that discipline, but representing the Netherlands.

Gabriela Bayardo was born in Tijuana and married a Dutch man named Mike Schloesser, so she decided to live in the Netherlands and continue her training there. With the nationality, the delegation from Holland gave him the opportunity to represent his nation in Tokyo.

Gabriela Bayardo, Mexican who represented the Netherlands in Tokyo.-Blog Hola Telcel

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2. Óscar Salazar

Another clear example is Óscar Salazar, who currently participates as coach of the Egyptian Taekwondo team, but in 2004 he represented Mexico in Athens, obtaining a silver medal in that discipline.

In addition to being a legend of Mexican sports, Óscar Salazar has mentioned that he intends to return to his native country as a coach and reap more medals in the Games that are to come.

3. Alberto Michán, Mexican and Israeli

Alberto Michán participated in the riding discipline representing Mexico on two occasions during the London and Rio Games. Today, due to his Jewish roots, he decided to seek a medal in Tokyo as part of the Israeli team.

Alberto Michán, Mexican who represented Israel in Tokyo.-Blog Hola Telcel

4. Jonathan Ruvalcaba

After winning a bronze medal at the 2015 Pan American Games, the Mexican Swimming Federation relegated Jonathan Ruvalcaba and the swimmer could no longer represent Mexico in Rio and Tokyo. However, Jonathan did not give up and sought the Dominican Republic to adopt him.

5. Armando Fernández, the first of all

Amando Fernández, who is currently a retired athlete, was the first Mexican to adopt another nationality after having represented Mexico in Munich 72 and Montreal 76. The water polo player mentioned that this decision was made because he did not receive support from the Federation of Swimming, so he migrated and represented Germany for the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, where he got bronze.

Armando Fernández, Mexican swimmer who represented Germany in the 1984 Games - Hello Telcel blog

There are many stories like the previous ones, but the important thing is to recognize the talent of those Mexicans who have not only shone in their country, but also in other nations.

Today the Games they are lived with a lot of passion regardless of the nationality of each participant .. So enjoy them like athletes and do not miss any detail through Clear Brand and Claro video. Wherever you are, with Telcel you have #TokioEnTusManos.

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If you had to represent another country besides Mexico, which one would you like it to be?

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