5 kittens worth remembering on International Cat Day

February 20 is International Cat Day and there is no doubt that there will always be endless disagreement among animal lovers about whether the dog is a better companion than the cat. cat.

Contrary to popular belief that cats have a cantankerous, independent and to a certain extent interested character, the cats they can even become heroes when they put their minds to it.

To convince you that michitos They are also incredible companions, we bring you this journey through the lives of five kittens who made history by performing feats with their owners.

Macac, the michi Nikola Tesla

What can we say about Nikola Tesla that does not leave us speechless? The Austro-Hungarian inventor and engineer found inspiration in his childhood companion Mackac, because while he caressed the great cat In the dark, Tesla saw a luminous sheet running down the back of the michito with the passing of his hand over it.

In Tesla’s words:As I stroked Mackac’s back, I saw a miracle that left me speechless. Mackac’s back had become a sheet of light and the touch of my hand produced a shower of sparks whose noise could be heard throughout the house. My father was a very wise man, and he had an answer to any question, but the phenomenon was new to him. ‘Well, it’s just electricity,’ he eventually answered, ‘the same thing you see through the trees in a thunderstorm.”.

And Tesla says that he wondered then, being just a child: “Is nature a cat giant? If so, what is it that strokes Mackac’s back? can only be god”.

Tesla claimed that this experience was one of the great inspirations to dedicate his life to research and experimentation with electricity and statics to better understand this phenomenon. Anecdote that goes back to Mackac, one of the cats most important in history.

Meet Mackac, the cat that inspired Tesla to study electricity.-Blog Hola Telcel

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Granpa and Creme Puff: the oldest cats

We would like them to kittens were eternal, unfortunately the average life of the species feline is 12 to 18 years old, so you can imagine the amazement of the vets when Jake Perry, who owned the cats in question, he was taking Granpa and Creme Puff, whose ages were 34 and 38 successively, for review. Perry claimed that Granpa was born in Paris, France in 1964 and died at the age of 34 in 1998.

On the other hand, Creme Puff was born on August 3, 1967 and would go down in history as the oldest kitten when she left this plane on August 6, 2005, at the age of 38 years and 3 days, taking the record for cat longest-lived domestic product recorded in the Guinness World Records book.

The co-authors of the book Hugs for Cat Lovers, Tammy L. Bicket and Dawn M. Brandon claimed that the longevity of cats Perry’s was due to an unusual diet that would contain eggs with bacon, asparagus and broccoli, so the cats not only did they live a long time, but they ate breakfast like no other cat during the many years they lived.

Granpa and Creme Puff: the longest-lived cats in history, who were fed an almost human diet.-Blog Hola Telcel

Babou: Salvador Dalí’s mustachioed cat

We all know the extravagant personality of Salvador Dalí, however, few know the story of his pet Babou, a cat Zealot, also known as a pygmy jaguar, which is larger in appearance than a cat domestic.

The most relevant anecdote of Dalí and Babou was when they appeared together in a restaurant in Manhattan. An event that scared more than one of the guests of the place. Dalí told them on that occasion that Babou was a cat normal domestic and that its leopard appearance was due to the fact that he himself had painted its skin to look like a feline more imposing.

Salvador Dalí had a cat as extravagant as his own personality, get to know him.-Blog Hola Telcel

Copy Cat, the first cloned cat, worth remembering on International Cat Day

We all remember Dolly the sheep for being the first mammal to be cloned as an adult, however, after Dolly would come more attempts to replicate the DNA of other animals. This is the case of Copy Cat, the first cat domestic to be successfully cloned in 2001.

After 188 failed attempts to clone Rainbow, Copy Cat’s mother, they finally hit the nail on the head by extracting from her DNA the genetic evidence that would give Copy Cat life, culminating in the existence of two copies of the cat, whose genetic tests turned out to be identical. Making Copy Cat the first cat domestic to be successfully cloned.

Copy Cat is the first feline specimen to be successfully cloned.-Blog Hola Telcel

Vaska: The cat who saved his family during the war

Without a doubt, this is the story of cats most emotional you’ll hear today.

During World War II, Russia experienced extremely difficult times, where hunger and austerity were the daily lives of the inhabitants of Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). Vaska’s story is told by the granddaughter and daughter of the owners of the felineand it has even been such an important material that it has been taken up by local museums to honor Vaska for the bravery, courage and love she showed for her owners in those times of scarcity.

The story says that the cat went out every morning to hunt something to feed her human family, the home’s grandmother and original owner of Vaska, used to cook a stew with the animals that the cat managed to capture, which were usually birds. In addition, the cat sat to one side waiting for the food that was prepared with the products that he got.

In the words of the one who tells the story of the cat:
My grandmother always said that she, my mother and I survived the harsh blockade of Leningrad and hunger only thanks to our cat Vaska. If it weren’t for this red-haired animal, my daughter and I would not have managed to survive.“Not only the cat had been feeding her family, but also alerted her owners to the bombing in Leningrad by meowing and wailing pitifully in danger. The young woman narrates that this caused her grandmother to immediately pick up her things and they all ran out of the house together, including Vaska.

Meet Vaska, the cat who fed her family during the lean times of World War II.-Blog Hola Telcel
Meet Vaska, the cat who fed her family during the lean times of World War II.-Blog Hola Telcel
Vaska is from the family

In the shelter, the two women took it upon themselves to make the cat as one more member of the family, give him the care and protection that the michito he had given them, because for him, that was his family.

At the end of the war prosperity came again and food abounded around Vaska, but she would never again have to hunt out of necessity because her grandmother always set aside the best piece of meat for the brave. felinewho was buried with his relatives in the cemetery when he passed away in 1949 under the name of “Vasily Bugrov”, as if he were a person and had the objective that the tomb of that valuable catwas never trampled by anyone.

Vaska, the hero cat of the Second World War.-Blog Hola Telcel

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There is no doubt that these cats They were extremely important to history. this day of catshare the photo of your michito through social networks, take advantage of the fact that with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan You have unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, so you can share the best portraits of your kitten. Also, continue browsing with #TelcelLaBestRed with the best Coverage and Speed.

Don’t forget there are plenty of Vaskas, Creme Puffs and Babous out there waiting to be adopted.

What was your cat favorite of this note?

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