5 curious facts you did not know about jacarandas, the trees of spring!

Jacaranda trees are one of the most beautiful visuals in Mexico during the spring; as they bloom and paint the entire city in lilac and purple colors, thus kicking off the hot season.

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Mexico City Spring Jacarandas

If you enjoy walking through the streets and admiring the jacarandas on your way, then you will like to know some curious facts about them; how they got to Mexico and why they are so representative of the season. Here we tell you everything. 👇🌸

5 curious facts that you did not know about the jacarandas

1. Its origin comes from South America and, Japan?

Despite the fact that jacarandas have been part of the Mexican landscape for many years; The experts assure that they are originally from South America, specifically from the north of Argentina and the south of Brazil. However, his arrival in Mexico was thanks to the Japanese gardener, Tatsugoro Matsumoto.

Tatsugoro Matsumoto was a Japanese immigrant who recommended to President Álvaro Obregón to plant jacaranda trees instead of cherry trees in Mexico City, due to the right weather conditions. The president accepted and thanks to that today it is possible to enjoy them on the streets.

Spring Angel of Independence Mexico City

2. They grow like an umbrella

Jacarandas can grow up to 20 meters high and their branches that end in a crown are similar to an umbrella. Its flowers are violet or purple and are responsible for providing shade to the earth.

Jacarandas simulate an umbrella when growing

3. They bloom 2 times a year!

In addition to spring, jacaranda trees bloom again in the fall. Of course, for autumn the flowers do not have such a vivid color and they grow to a lesser extent than in spring.

Jacaranda flower how is it

4. Avoid pollution in the city

A study at the University of Seville showed that trees absorb large amounts of CO2, including jacarandas. This means that jacaranda trees can absorb pollution from thousands of cars a day, clean the air we breathe and reduce the heat in the city.

5. They can be located with Google Earth

Thanks to the work of Alberto Díaz Cayeros, economist and director of the Center for Latin American Studies, it is possible to locate where there are more jacarandas in Mexico through Google Earth.

To achieve this you just have to enter the Map and visualize the jacarandas that are in the city, taking advantage of the fact that with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan you have Double Gigs to be connected at all times with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the greatest Coverage. The purpose of the interactive map is to visit them and contribute to their conversation.

Google Earth location of jacarandas

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Enjoy spring with the beautiful landscapes that Mexico offers for everyone. Tell us if you are a jacaranda lover and do not hesitate to share your favorite photo of them.

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