5 CES 2021 Products We Didn’t Know We Need

Once again the Consumer Technology Association (CES 2021) It has become the main stage for different brands and companies to show the most innovative products that will be part of the future.

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The amount of articles, applications, consoles, devices and all kinds of technology that was part of this new edition is incredible and we are sure that at least some of them you will want to include very soon in your life thanks to its effectiveness, function and incredible design .

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For that reason here we share 5 CES 2021 Products We Didn’t Know We Need and that you probably missed.

CES 2021, innovative products

1. Food processor

It may be an invention of the future, but CES 2021 featured a real kitchen robot belonging to Moley Robotics. This is a robotic chef who is capable of preparing more than 5,000 recipes and also washes the dishes that get dirty.

If cooking is not your thing, this automated robot is undoubtedly something that you will soon want to have, since it can also be configured to prepare your favorite dishes.

Food processor CES 2021

2. Device that helps you find your lenses

Only those who wear glasses know how difficult it is to find them when you are not wearing them; This is how they have created Findy, a device that helps you save time and energy when tracking your glasses. This device connects with an application that immediately locates where they are and a buzzer alarm to find them.

3. Smart chess board

With Artificial Intelligence, another of the novelties of CES 2021 has been this intelligent chessboard, which connects you with people around the world. Square Off is the official name of the product, which is automated to move pieces, connect with friends regardless of distance and has 20 different levels of difficulty.

CES 2021 Smart Chess Board

But while it is officially released worldwide; you can practice your chess skills through apps like Chess Genius and Check and Mate that you can download from Google Play with a charge to your Telcel Invoice and enjoy #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

4. Smart perfume

NINU is the first smart perfume that promises to personalize the scent you want through an app on your phone. Yes, you read that correctly, it is a perfume that combines three fragrances in the same package that seeks to be much more ecological than current perfumes.

Smart perfume CES 2021

5. Professional toothbrush

Y-Brush is another of the amazing gadgets presented during CES 2021 whose objective is to do a complete and professional cleaning of your teeth in just 10 minutes. It’s designed as a molding for your teeth with bristles inside that do all the work.

According to experts, this device could achieve a more exact cleaning than any other conventional brush and without wasting a lot of time brushing since it works through microvibrations.

CES 2021 Smart Brush

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Technology definitely works wonders when it comes to everyday things in life. Surely some product surprised you more than another, so tell us, which one did you not know and now you need?

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