40% Discount on Gearbest for Baicycle Smart 2.0 Electric Bike

As can be seen at first glance, it is a model with a design that is very reminiscent of the Xiaomi electric bicycle. An electric bike with a compact size for easy handling and that allows it to be transported from one place to another with total comfort. It is even possible to leave it in any corner at work or at home while we charge it.

Compact, powerful and with good autonomy

The Baicycle Smart 2.0 It is equipped with 12-inch wheels and is made of high-strength aluminum alloy that allows it to support a weight of up to 150 kg. Engine 250 W with which this model has, allows us to reach a maximum assisted speed of 25 km / h and allows us to travel about 30 km away with a single charge, although it always depends on the type of driving, route and load that it has to support. In order to have its maximum autonomy again, we will have to have the bike charging for approximately 6 hours.

baicycle smart 2.0 electric bike

The dimensions of this model are 114 x 49 x 99 cm, while if we fold it they are reduced to 114 x 23 x 59 cm. In the safety section, the Baicycle Smart 2.0 carries a disc brake system both front and rear, 2 W power led light on the front and a 1 W rear light. It also has different reflective elements on the back and on the sides for a better vision when driving at night.

Discount for Baicycle Smart 2.0 Electric Bike

The official price of this electric bicycle is 631.50 euros, a very attractive price, but the truth is that it becomes even more irresistible after applying the 40% off. Yes, you read that correctly, an incredible 40% discount that means a saving of nothing more and nothing less than just over 250 euros on the purchase of this model.

baicycle smart 2.0 electric bike

This means that we can buy the bicycle at a final price of only 378.90 euros. We say end, because it is also a product in which Gearbest includes the expenses of free shipping for orders to our country. The estimated delivery time is only a few days from its shipment, so in a few days we will be able to start enjoying the Smart 2.0.

At the time of ordering, we can see that this electric bike is available in two colors, black and white. Now, as we can see, this incredible offer is only available for the Baicycle Smart 2.0 in black.

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