4 WhatsApp Web news that will arrive in the coming weeks

WhatsApp WebLike the mobile version, it has been working on improvements and new features that meet the needs of all its users. Especially from those who usually use the instant messaging app through their computer, either to facilitate communication or for school or work matters.

WhatsApp Web will integrate four new functions to improve the experience within the platform.- Blog Hola Telcel

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Among the news that are to come to WhatsApp Web, four stand out, which will provide many tools to live a more comforting experience. Functions that you can enjoy from your computer thanks to the best Internet it offers you Internet in your Telcel House with up to 10 Mbps for $ 399 per month, which includes Claro video and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

So pay attention to each and every one of them. 👇

4 WhatsApp Web news that will arrive shortly

1. Images by stickers

A few weeks ago WABetaInfo, the means specialized in WhatsApp, confirmed that from WhatsApp Web a new button will be enabled with which users can convert any photo into a sticker automatically and in a simpler way. The best of all is that you will not have to resort to external apps, all the magic will happen directly in the web version.

In WhatsApp web it will now be possible to convert images into stickers automatically.- Blog Hola Telcel

2. Share statuses from WhatsApp Web

Another great novelty that will come is that the WhatsApp statuses can also be shared from the computer version. According to WABetaInfo, users can easily upload photos, videos and texts from the comfort of their computers.

3. Improvements in the multi-device function

The multi-device function has already been a fact for weeks, but very soon the connectivity in it will improve so that it is possible to link to any device without having to always keep the phone close.

The multi-device function in WhatsApp Web will improve in a few weeks.- Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: WABetaInfo

4. New wallpapers

Finally, the fourth great novelty that will come to WhatsApp Web is that a ‘darker mode’, as well as different designs and background colors. The objective is that the web version of the application can be customized and be more pleasing to users.

So far, these are the updates that have been released and are nowhere near being official. However, it is believed that there will be many more to complement the aforementioned. So remember that to get them all you must update your app from Google play or App Store and automatically these will come to you.

To receive WhatsApp Web news, you have to update the mobile app.- Blog Hola Telcel

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WhatsApp Web has become a great tool for work, school or simply to maintain better communication between friends and family from the comfort of a computer. So if you are someone who knows how to make the most of it, you will love your next renovation! 😊

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