4 Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

As we learn more and more about the impending climate crisis with every passing day, average individuals are constantly looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprints and make their lifestyles a little more environmentally friendly.

The world of technology has also been making strides toward developing green solutions, and plenty of useful products have been released as a result. Here are some handy new tech gadgets that you can use to start being a little bit kinder to the environment.

eco friendly devices

1. Solar Generator

Solar power is undoubtedly at the forefront of the movement regarding environmentally friendly initiatives. Unfortunately, many homeowners feel that installing solar panels on top of their homes is inaccessible or simply too much work. But there’s another easy way to incorporate solar energy into your life without all the hassle.

By relying on a solar generator for backup power in the event of an outage, you can ensure that your family doesn’t lose electricity and reduce your carbon emissions at the same time. When it comes to how to choose solar generator, you’ll want one that uses a portable solar panel that can charge up quickly. It will also be helpful to find one that can produce at least 3400 watts of power so that you can use it for your larger appliances.

2. Water Leak Sensor

Water conservation is an important part of environmental protection. Many of us have already learned to be aware of the amount of water we use and not to let faucets run unnecessarily. But if a pipe in your home has sprung a leak, you could be wasting gallons upon gallons of water and not even know it!

However, if you invest in a smart leak sensor, you’ll always know as soon as a leak has sprung so that you can fix it as quickly as possible. Once the apparatus is installed in your home, it will notify your smart device the moment a leak is detected, so you can call for assistance from a plumber without losing any time.

3. Smart Plug

Conserving electricity is a great way to use less non-renewable resources and save money on your energy bill. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as turning off the lights when you leave the room. Devices that are plugged in but not in use can still use up energy without you even knowing it.

By using a smart plug, you can control the energy you use in your home. These devices not only allow you to control whatever is plugged into them remotely, but they also closely monitor energy usage. You can check out the energy usage reports in the associated smartphone apps to see exactly what devices are siphoning electricity unnecessarily and respond accordingly.

4. Smart Sprinkler Controller

Most sprinkler systems simply turn on and off automatically based on a timer. But this is actually an inefficient way to manage your water usage, especially if the weather is rainy.

A smart sprinkler controller can factor in weather conditions and use them to determine the amount of water it should use. For instance, if it learns from the current meteorological data that it’s supposed to rain that day, it might not turn on or only use very little water, whereas it would use more water on sunny and dry days.

See How These Gadgets Can Help Both You and the Planet

Sometimes making eco-friendly lifestyle changes can seem like an overwhelming or confusing task. But these valuable gadgets make it super simple to reduce your carbon footprint and treat the environment with a little more respect. Consider incorporating one or more of them into your everyday life and see how the benefits reward you!


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