34-inch Samsung LS34J550WQRXEN monitor at its best price

If there is something that impacts this model as soon as you see it, it is that it has a screen of nothing more and nothing less than 34 inches. Surely just thinking about it you will be hallucinating the way in which you will be able to enjoy the games of your games or how you will be able to be much more productive, since you will be able to have a large number of windows open at the same time in a single place . But, in addition, it should be noted that the device we are talking about has WQHD resolution (3,440 x 1,440 pixels), so you will always see everything with excellent definition. And this is positive for any type of work you have to do.

Front image of the Samsung LS34J550WQRXEN

The offer to buy the Samsung LS34J550WQRXEN

To date we have not seen a similar promotion in any online store, so it is a great opportunity that exists in PcComponentes. Specifically, you can enjoy a 20% discount which allows you to save a good amount of money for a large monitor that lacks absolutely nothing to be an ideal solution both for using rooms and in an office. As an addition, you should know that if you make the purchase at this time you will not have to add anything for the shipping costs, something that surely you find interesting and that we believe is an option that you should not miss. This is the link that you should use from your phone or computer:

Things that make this monitor eye-catching

one of them is that it has an aspect ratio of 21: 9, which fits perfectly when enjoying multimedia content. In addition, in sections as important as the contrast or the update frequency, there is also very good news in this product, since in the first case it offers 3000: 1 and, in the second, 60 Hz. Thus, you will always achieve an image quality that will be beyond any doubt regardless of the content (even, with the games quite well, since it offers ideal characteristics for this type of options such as a response time that remains in just four milliseconds). In short, this model is good for everything.

Another section that is important for monitors is everything that has to do with connectivity, in this case the Samsung LS34J550WQRXEN does not disappoint either. The reason is that it includes a pair of HDMI ports that allow you to connect devices such as consoles and computers. And, if necessary, it also includes entrance DisplayPort and headphone jack. Come on, you will have no problems.

Rear monitor Samsung LS34J550WQRXEN

With all that we have said, and adding that it uses technologies such as AMD FreeSync and Flicker Free, I swear that you are considering the option of buying this monitor that despite having a large screen is not particularly large (it is only 82.8 x 10.6 x 36.9 centimeters).

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