3 ways to celebrate Children’s Day in an incredible way from home

Children’s Day is a special date that cannot go unnoticed. If you have children at home, or you want to relive part of your childhood and have an incredible day, here we share three ideas on how to celebrate. They are really simple and fun plans, where you will not need something outside your home, just a lot of imagination and love!

Ideas to celebrate Children’s Day from home

1. Streaming Theater with Dekengy

CircleBlue Telcel and Dekengy invite you to enjoy the theater at home. It’s a great idea to spend time with the family, laugh out loud and relive how fun and entertaining theater is, for young and old alike. Best of all, being a Círculo customerBlue Telcel you can take advantage of 20% and up to 50% discount on the entire Dekengy streaming works billboard.

To get the best price, follow these steps:

– Call, send a WhatsApp to 55 16 53 85 23 or send an email to sales@dekengy.com and indicate that you are a Círculo customerBlue Telcel.

– Dekengy will answer your email, message or call and will send you the current streaming billboard.

– Select your favorite work and indicate it through the message, mail or call.

– Make the payment through bank transfer.

Clever! Enjoy an afternoon of theater at home.

Family children Dekengy home theater

2. Children’s Day costume contest

This Children’s Day can also be the perfect time to dress up as a family and be your favorite character for a day.

The goal is to be creative, look for old clothes and with what is available at home to put together the perfect outfit. The imagination has no limits, by the way you can take the opportunity to take a fun photo session and share the moment on all social networks.

Child costume superhero makeshift cape

3. A treasure hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to hide a surprise gift for kids. They can be with different themes, but generally treasure hunts work like this: you hide a series of clues that the children have to discover in order. For each clue they discover, you tell them where the next clue will be until they hit the grand prize.

Treasure map kids playing

Best of all, you are not limited to just one idea, you can use all three and make this Children’s Day even more special.

Don’t forget to capture the best memories of that day and enjoy family time.

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