3 tips to extend the life of your clothes and have the best outfits

Extending the useful life of your clothes is not only reflected in your economy, but it is also a great contribution to the environment.

Thanks to the rise of fast fashion, a business trend with which it has become very easy to get new clothes and dispose of them quickly, the production of clothes has doubled. In turn, according to a study carried out by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, people use an article of clothing on average only 7 to 10 times and then dispose of it.

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For that reason, here we share the best tips to extend the useful life of your clothes, which in addition, by following them you will notice less deterioration in your clothes and look spectacular every day without having to buy new clothes every month, especially in this back-to-school season, where it is essential look good and comfortable at all times.

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How to extend the useful life of your clothes?

Always read the washing instructions on the clothing label

It is usually the main recommendation of textile experts. Reading the label will allow you to know the material the garment is made of and thus know the correct way of washing, ironing and even the recommended products for its care.

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Take care of the water temperature for washing

Once you read the label of your garment, you will be able to know the correct temperature at which you should wash your clothes, although in general, it is not recommended to use very hot water since it can fade or in some way affect the garments with delicate fabric, such as silk, cotton or lace. However, warm water is perfect for use on thicker fabrics like denim.

Either way, it’s important that you can spot the symbols on the garment tag as follows:

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Protect them with a proper ironing

This step can be the most difficult to do, since if you don’t do it right you can spoil your favorite garment. That is why it is important to know that each type of fabric has a different temperature and ironing procedure, so our recommendation is to leave this task in the hands of an expert such as Pressto Dry Cleaners.

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Preserving the useful life of your clothes is very simple if you go to an expert and follow the above tips. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite clothes for longer and look flawless every day this back to school or on any special date.

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Take care of the environment, preserve your favorite clothes and achieve the best combination of outfits with the clothes you already have. 😉

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