3 alternative apps for when WhatsApp crashes or doesn’t work

Last Monday will be remembered forever as the day that the most important social networks, belonging to Mark Zuckerberg, suffered the largest drop in their history. For just over six hours, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram they did not work and global communication was affected.

Woman surprised by the fall of WhatsApp around the world - Hello Telcel blog

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This event demonstrated how important social networks have become and that you always have to have a backup plan B, which allows you to maintain communication with family, friends and co-workers if a massive drop occurs once again. For that reason, here we share three alternative instant messaging apps that you can use instead of WhatsApp.

3 apps that you can use before a new WhatsApp crash

1. Telegram, super reliable

This is the first option that most turn to when WhatsApp is not working as it should. This is because more and more users have tried the multiple functions of Telegram and have been amazed with its use.

Telegram has tools that WhatsApp has not yet configured within its platform, such as being able to send files of up to 1.5 GB and without format restrictions, one more reason why more and more people download the app. Not to mention that with the recent crash of WhatsApp, Telegram gained three million new users.

  • Google play
  • App Store

Telegram is an alternative to use for when WhatsApp falls - Blog Hola Telcel

2. Line, the most popular in China!

Another great instant messaging option is Line, a very popular app in China and some other Asian countries, which has gradually expanded its use to more parts of the world. It is a completely secure application and it was the first to allow calls within the app. In addition, its security codes are considered as strict as those used by WhatsApp.

  • Google play
  • App Store

Line, an instant messaging app to use instead of WhatsApp - Hola Telcel blog

3. WeChat instead of WhatsApp

Finally, WeChat is another great app that we recommend you try. In it, it is possible to connect with more people through a QR code or by synchronizing your contacts with the application. You can also use the ‘Look Around and Connect’ feature to have WeChat automatically communicate with users around you.

  • Google play
  • App Store

WeChat, option to chat when WhatsApp goes down - Hello Telcel blog

The best thing about each and every one of these applications is that they are completely safe, free and you can download from Google Play or App Store, depending on the operating system of your phone. In addition, you can take advantage of the fact that with the Double Gigas and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed ‚Äč‚Äčthat your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, you can connect to these apps anytime, anywhere.

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Now you know, if there is a massive drop in social networks again, you already know several backup options so as not to be cut off. So share this article with your friends and decide which app will be your plan B in case WhatsApp fails! 😎

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