21.5-inch Apple iMac on sale with 420 euros of savings

When deciding to buy a new computer, today there are many alternatives to choose from. We are not only referring to the number of models of the different manufacturers, but also to the different types of equipment depending on the use that we are going to give them. If what we want is a computer for our office from which we work every day, then we have the option of choosing a desktop computer, an All in One computer or even a laptop connected to a monitor to work more comfortably. Now, if what we want is a team to work wherever we go, then the best option is a laptop or a convertible. For those who want a desktop computer, the All in One is the option that requires less space, being the Apple iMac one of the great references in this sector.

If your dream for a long time has been to have an iMac in your home, now you have the opportunity to get it at a very, very low price. And we have found an offer that surely you will not be able to resist about it Apple iMac with Intel Core i3 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of capacity to store everything we want on the hard drive without any problem.

Incredible deal for the Apple iMac

A team whose official price is 1,500 euros and that is now on sale with a discount of almost 30%. Yes, you read that correctly, an incredible discount that is a savings of 420 euros when buying this Apple iMac. In addition, the offer includes free shipping costs with a delivery time of approximately 6 business days, since it is sent from Spain. The final price on offer is 1,079.99 euros.

Apple iMac front

Apple performance and quality

How could it be less, this iMac exudes quality on all four sides as soon as you see it. And it is that it has the usual aluminum finish that these types of Apple products offer. The screen size of this model is 21.5 inch. A 4K retina display capable of delivering millions of colors and a brightness that reaches 500 nits that bring images to life.

Inside it houses a processor Intel Core i3 with four cores, eighth generation, together with 8 GB of RAM. A hardware that without being the most powerful, offers a more than acceptable performance even if we are one of those who have several applications open at the same time. In the storage section, we must highlight a 1 TB hard drive capacity, which allows us to save all our files, photos and videos without any problem. Therefore, it is one of the ideal All in One to work from home as long as we do not need specific hardware to perform certain more demanding tasks.

Applel iMac rear

A model that we can also place almost in any corner, since takes up very little space. This Apple iMac also has a complete connectivity section with dual-band WiFi, four USB ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, ethernet and a card reader.

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