21.5-inch Apple iMac on sale at nearly 30% off

All in One complete and quality

The specific model that we find on offer is equipped by a processor Intel Core i3 at 3.6GHz and accompanied by 8 GB RAM memory so that we can perform all kinds of tasks on the computer with total fluency. When it comes to storage space, this Apple iMac has a large capacity hard drive, 1 TB, so that we can save everything we want without any problem.

Apple iMac front

The size of the screen is 21.5 inches and it is a Retina display with 4K resolution that uses the P3 standard and also has a graphics card Radeon Pro 555X. In short, an incredible brighter screen, capable of displaying thousands of very vivid colors in which we can do image editing work and even watch series and movies.

As far as design is concerned, it goes without saying that Apple’s products are of great quality. This iMac shows a design finished in aluminum in which its great thinness stands out, since it has a profile of only 5 mm. This design, together with its features, makes it one of the most desired All in One. The operating system in charge of managing all this hardware is the version 10.14 macOS Mojave.

Now, one of the main problems is that this type of equipment usually has a somewhat high price, being out of the budget of many people. However, thanks to the offer that we show you below, it is now possible to get this Apple iMac at a great discount.

Incredible discount for the Apple iMac

Specifically, the price of this iMac with the configuration that we have just detailed is 1,500 euros, but thanks to the offer we find on eBay it is possible to buy it with a discount of no more and no less than 28%. Almost 30% That allows us to save a whopping 420 euros, leaving its final price at only 1,079.99 euros. A price that makes it one of the All in One with the best value for money.

Apple iMac side

Final price since the offer includes the free shipping. In addition, as it is sent from Spain, the expected delivery time is between 9 and 13 days. Therefore, we will not have to wait long to receive our iMac at home and be able to enjoy this incredible equipment.

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