20% discount on Garmin Swim 2

Of course, it is a model that integrates GPS, which allows us to control all the details of our training in real time without having to carry the mobile phone with us. The truth is that there are certain sports in which it may be more comfortable to carry the smartphone, but if we go for a run or do other sports that require more movement, then there is no doubt that it can be very uncomfortable and dangerous for the phone itself, that it can fall and break.

Ideal for athletes and especially for swimmers

Needless to say, if we are fond of swimming, then there is no doubt that it is best to leave the mobile in a safe place. Precisely, the model that we now find on offer is a smartwatch specially designed for lovers of water sports. Its own name indicates this, since it is the Garmin Swim 2, a watch capable of recording our activity in the water and informing us of interesting swimming functions such as rest, speed, distance traveled, stroke rate or route taken when swimming in rivers, swamps or in the sea.

garmin swim 2 side smartwatch

It also has activity profiles for when we are out of the pool and go out to walking, running, cycling, etc. The design of the Garmin Swim 2 stands out for its no thinness and how comfortable it is to wear. In its round screen and 42 mm in diameter, we can see all the information registered easily and comfortably, even in bright sunlight and how could it be otherwise, it allows synchronization with our smartphone to receive all the notifications on the wrist without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

A model that also has other smart functions typical of this type of device, such as well-being control, physical activity monitoring, stress monitor and sleep quality monitor, etc.

Garmin Swim 2 smartwatch on sale

The price of this Garmin Swim 2 smartwatch is 243 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment on eBay, it is possible to get it almost 20% off. Specifically, the sale price for this complete sports watch is 195 euros.

garmin swim 2 front smartwatch

Final price to which we should not add any other expense, since it includes free shipping. The delivery time for the watch is between 6 and 12 days, so you can place your order from the previous link and in just a few days you can start enjoying this complete smartwatch

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