20% discount for the Amazon Echo Dot 4 with integrated Alexa

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At first glance, this fourth generation Echo Dot stands out for having a very attractive design with a rounded shape and finished in a high quality fabric. It should be noted that half of the plastics used to make the speaker come from recycled material, as does the fabric that covers it or the aluminum used, which are 100% recycled.

As far as design is concerned, it should also be noted that the Amazon Echo Dot 4 is equipped with a physical button that allows us to disconnect the microphones so that the Alexa assistant cannot be listening and protect our Privacy.

amazon echo dot 4 microphone

A speaker that integrates perfectly into any corner of our house regardless of the decoration we have and that allows us to interact and get the most out of it. virtual assistant Alexa. Remember that it is possible to ask the assistant for all kinds of help with a simple voice command, from asking what the weather is going to be like, how the traffic is, knowing the news of the day, creating an event on the calendar, etc.

As if that were not enough, with this Amazon Echo Dot 4 it is possible manage or control other devices with your voice smart home devices compatible with Alexa. For example, it allows you to tell Alexa to turn on the lamp or turn on the heating, as long as we use connected lamps or thermostats compatible with Alexa.

Finally, through the fourth generation Echo Dot it is also possible to make calls to our family and friends who also have an Echo device or have the Alexa app on their mobile phone.

Amazon Echo Dot 4 on sale

The official price for this Amazon smart speaker is 59.99 euros, however, it is a model that we can find on sale on several occasions. Right now, we can find the Echo Dot 4 on sale on Amazon with almost a 20% discount, which allows us to get it at a final price of 49.99 euros.

amazon echo dot4 anthracite

It is a product sold and shipped by the online shopping giant that offers a delivery time of just one business day, so within a period of 24 hours we can have the loudspeaker in our house.

At the time of ordering, it is possible to choose our Amazon Echo Dot 4 in three different colors, anthracite gray, gray-blue and white. In this way, we can choose the color that we like the most or better go with the decoration of our house.

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