15-inch laptop backpacks: models, features and prices

In addition, these types of backpacks are usually equipped with different compartments that allow us to carry many other accessories in them, such as the charging cable, external hard drives, peripherals, etc. So we can carry everything in an organized and protected way to prevent our laptop or other devices from being damaged.

The truth is that it is rare to find that when buying a laptop the manufacturer himself includes some type of accessory for transporting it. Therefore, if we need a backpack to carry our fully protected equipment, we will have no choice but to buy it ourselves.

In that case, there are certain aspects to take into account when choosing one. On the one hand, it is important to check that the backpack has space enough to house our laptop, so we must be very clear about the number of inches of our equipment. Without a doubt, the material with which it is manufactured, which will provide greater or less resistance to impact and wear over time. In addition, we can also find certain models that offer different degrees of impermeability.

His capacity and compartments Additional to carry all kinds of accessories is also important, since we can carry everything comfortably in the backpack and in an organized way. Finally, the price is another important data, since the budget that we have can influence the final model that we choose. Next, we are going to show a compilation of some of the best 15-inch laptop backpacks that offer great resistance.

Rugged 15-inch laptop backpacks


Large capacity 38 liter backpack designed for 15.6 inch laptops. The interior space can be expanded to increase its capacity and can even be used as a travel backpack. It is made of splash and water resistant material and has plenty of compartments to store all kinds of accessories. It has a headphone jack, a USB charging hole and an anti-theft side buckle.

Homiee Laptop Backpack


It has a very very slim design that can be expanded to increase its capacity. Inside it has a compartment with a very soft lining to place the laptop and avoid any type of scratch. Made of a material of great resistance and durability, waterproof and has a hidden compartment on the back to hide the handles.

Zinz laptop backpack


Backpack with a highly padded back area and an ideal size for 15.6-inch laptops. The handles of this backpack are also properly padded for greater comfort, it has a headphone jack and is made of a waterproof yew. It has a very ergonomic design to make it comfortable to wear and plenty of organizer pockets for all accessories.

Soarpop laptop backpack


Backpack with a more vintage design made of high quality soft vinyl fabric that makes it very resistant and waterproof. It has a rectangular shape and has two handles on the top, in addition to the normal handles, so that it can be carried comfortably by the hand. It has a main compartment with a two-way zip closure and additional pockets for the charger and other everyday utensils.

Vaschy laptop backpack


Backpack with three large divisions and up to eleven compartments to carry everything properly organized. It has a large capacity, up to 35 liters, and allows you to store a 15.6-inch laptop with a perfect fit. It is made of highly resistant Oxford fabric that also repels water and other liquids. It has very comfortable and adjustable handles for greater comfort.

Yamtion laptop backpack

Della gao

It has three main compartments and up to 20 additional pockets to carry our laptop, accessories and all kinds of stationery, accessories or even travel clothing in total comfort. It has a 45-liter capacity with a highly padded interior to protect our computer from any blow and is made of high-density and highly resistant polyester fabric.

Della Gao laptop backpack


This Znuoyo backpack is also made of high quality polyester fabric and Oxford textile material. A model of great resistance to wear and tear that has metal zippers and a design to prevent theft formed by a seamer with a security code. It also has plenty of pockets or compartments for all of our things and accessories and is designed for 15.6-inch laptops.

Snuoyo laptop backpack


Backpack with charging port for laptops up to 15.6 inches that has a password lock to prevent theft. It offers a large capacity interior with three main compartments and up to nine interior pockets to store everything we need and carry everything properly organized. It is made of Oxford fabric that is highly resistant to wear and tear and even to water, with metal zippers and comfortable padded straps.

Wening laptop backpack


This MATEIN model is a backpack made of an Oxford material that is highly resistant to wear and tear and prevents water from easily penetrating the interior to protect our laptop. It has a highly padded interior and handles, breathable back to avoid sweat in daily use and a large capacity. It is divided into three main compartments, offers a hole for USB charging of any device from outside the backpack and a hidden anti-theft pocket.

Matein laptop backpack


With a more vintage design we also find this Puersit backpack. It has capacity for a 15.6-inch laptop inside and two front pockets on the outside. It is made of nylon fabric resistant to tears and daily wear and tear with a polyester lining inside. It has an external USB charging port and a built-in cable to charge the mobile while we are walking.

Puersit laptop backpack

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