15% discount on the Amazon Echo Show 8 with Alexa-Now € 109.9

Smart display speaker with built-in Alexa

As its name suggests, it has an 8-inch screen with HD resolution where the assistant himself can show us information related to our requests or queries, such as the weather forecast. In addition, through this same screen we can make video calls with family or friends who also have a device compatible with Alexa or the app itself on the mobile.

amazon echo show 8 video call

A model with which thanks to its screen, it is possible get the most out of AlexaSince, in addition to being able to ask the assistant for all kinds of help, he can show us images or videos that help us on each occasion. For example, we can ask you for help to make a cake and in addition to showing us the recipe, you can play a video of the steps to follow through the screen.

A device, this Amazon Echo Show 8, with which it is also possible to control other smart devices compatible with the Amazon assistant, such as smart bulbs, thermostats, etc. For greater privacy, the device offers the possibility to disconnect the microphones. The size of this smart display speaker is 20.04 x 13.59 x 9.91 cm, which allows us to place it almost anywhere in our house.

The camera with which this model is equipped has a resolution of 1Mp, more than enough to be able to make high quality video calls. How could it be otherwise, there is also the option of using the famous Skills with the Amazon Echo Show 8 to increase the functions of the device.

Amazon Echo Show 8 with a 15% discount

The official price of this smart screen speaker from Amazon is 129.99 euros, but now it is possible to get it with a 15% discount. The online shopping giant has applied this interesting discount to this model, which is available in two colors to choose from, light gray or anthracite gray.

Amazon Echo Show 8

This supposes a savings of 20 euros on the purchase of the Echo Show 8, a product sold and shipped by Amazon itself and that offers fast delivery in just one business day. In addition, all the people subscribed to the Amazon Prime service, will be able to benefit from free shipping on this product, as well as the possibility of choosing between paying it in one go or in four installments of 27.50 euros without any interest rate. Order now and receive it the next business day to start enjoying all the features of the Amazon Echo Show 8.

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