128GB Nintendo Switch card at almost half the price

Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has become a sales success, and there is no doubt that it is the best portable game console. One of the main attractions is its versatility, since it allows us to use it as a desktop console or as a portable console. In addition, today it is possible to get a series of accessories with which get the most out of your Nintendo console, as is the case with the Pro Controller or memory cards. In this case, the cards allow us to increase the storage capacity of the console and be able to save all kinds of information, something quite common among Nintendo Switch users.

SanDisk card for Nintendo Switch on sale

If you are looking for a card for your console, it is now possible to get the SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I 128GB of capacity at a price of scandal. It is a card that is licensed by Nintendo for the Switch and that allows us to add 128 GB memory to the console. A card whose official price is 39.99 euros and that we can now get at a very reduced price, just 22.99 euros.

Sandisk nintendo switch 128 GB card

This is thanks to the 43% discount that Amazon has applied to this model. A product sold and shipped by Amazon itself that offers a delivery time of a couple of business days and with which Amazon Prime users can benefit from free delivery.

Reliable and with great performance

This officially licensed Nintendo SanDisk card offers reliable, high-performance storage. So much so, that it supports a write speed up to 90 Mb / s and of read up to 100MB / s. Its wide capacity allows us to add much more information and always carry it with us on the console itself, while its high reading and writing speed allows us to access it as quickly as possible.

This allows us to save our favorite games on the memory card and thus be able to access them and start playing in just an instant. It also allows us to save all kinds of captures of neutral games to be able to show them off with our family and friends.

sandisk card for nintendo switch 128GB

Without a doubt, a memory card, this SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I with which we can give a new life to our console, since we will have much more storage capacity for our favorite games. In addition, as we have already indicated before, its high speeds allow the titles to be loaded as quickly as possible, so the gaming experience improves considerably in this regard.

This same model is available in other capacities, but the offer is for the 128GB card. If you are one of those who need more space, then you will have no choice but to wait for Amazon to put on offer one of the higher versions with 256 and 512 GB respectively.

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