10 surprise news that came to WhatsApp in 2021

A little over a month after the end of 2021, we can assure you that this has been the year with the greatest changes that it has experienced. WhatsApp. Over the last few months the application has incorporated news and new features that make it the world’s most popular instant messaging app. Here we collect ten of them that, if you have not used or tried yet, this is the ideal time to do so.

10 news that came to WhatsApp in 2021

1. Faster voice memos

One of the main novelties that came to WhatsApp this year was the possibility of accelerating the speed of the audios to X1, X1.5 and X2. In this way it is possible to listen to a voice memo twice faster, save time and have fun listening to your friends with a squirrel voice.

Among the new that came to WhatsApp in 2021 is being able to hear voice notes faster - Blog Hola Telcel

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2. New voice recorder on WhatsApp

Another great novelty, added to the previous one, is that the voice recorder was renewed, which now allows more functions, such as being able to listen to voice notes before sending them. It is an update that many have been waiting for and with which you can verify that your audio is exactly what you want to say, without errors.

3. Self-destructing photos and videos

A few months ago this function was activated which has been a wonder for those who have already tried it. It is about the possibility of sharing photos or videos that can only be seen once and then self-destruct. It is a novelty that increases the security and privacy of chats so that users feel free to share secure files.

4. Temporary messages

Like the previous novelty, temporary messages self-destruct after a certain time. Thus, there is no trace of the conversation and the information that is shared through WhatsApp is protected to a greater extent.

Temporary or self-destructing messages are WhatsApp news in 2021.- Hello Telcel blog

5. Hidden archived chats

One of the great advantages of WhatsApp is that it allows us to archive conversations to which we do not want to have direct access. However, previously these appeared in the main chats menu, which was equally annoying, luckily this changed during 2021 and now it is possible to hide that section and that it remains until the end of the conversations.

6. Multi-device function

Multi-device support is another of the great novelties that came to WhatsApp during 2021, since it allows you to connect to the application from four different devices without having to be connected to your phone all the time. However, it is a feature that continues to improve and is expected to be updated soon.

The multi-device function among the novelties of WhatsApp 2021.- Blog Hola Telcel

7. Video calls from WhatsApp Web

And in addition to the multi-device function, WhatsApp Web has the opportunity to make calls and video calls from the comfort of a computer. In fact, they can be done without the need to have the phone connected and facilitate communication to be in contact with friends, family or co-workers.

Now it is possible to make calls and video calls from WhatsApp Web.- Blog Hola Telcel

8. Join group calls

Continuing with the topic of video calls, WhatsApp mobile also incorporated a function that allows you to join a group video call at any time or that is already in progress. It’s just a matter of pressing a button and you’re done. But, like the multi-device function, it is a novelty that is constantly updated and needs improvements.

9. Choose the quality of the files

During 2021 the possibility was also enabled in WhatsApp to choose the quality of the videos or photos that are shared. The idea is to choose a better quality so as not to lose the resolution of each file or in a lower quality to consume less data. It all depends on the purpose of the photos or videos and what each user prefers.

10. Migrate chats from iOS to Android

Finally, another great novelty that came to the application is the opportunity to migrate all the information from an iOS device to an Android, including conversations and multimedia files. A great feature when you change your mobile device and want to keep all the information from your WhatsApp account.

Migrate chats from iOS to Android among WhatsApp 2021 news - Hola Telcel blog

What is to come to WhatsApp during 2022

Since we reviewed everything new that came to WhatsApp during the current year and that can be enjoyed thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat, with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed, now is the time to know what is to come.

Among the novelties that have already been announced and that will probably be implemented during 2022 are: reactions to messages, hide the last connection to certain contacts, transcribe voice notes, WhatsApp Communities and advertisements within the platform.

Girl enjoying the news of WhatsApp 2021.- Blog Hola Telcel

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If you want to know more about the current new WhatsApp functions and those to come, we invite you to visit Hello Telcel and get into everything the instant messaging app has been working on and expect new details on each one very soon.

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